PICMG Backplane

PICMG Backplanes in this section are Single Board Computers (SBCs) and Single Host Board (SHB) companions that feature expansion slots such as ISA, PCI, PCI-X or PCI Express interface. In addition, the backplane also features several power connectors that draw power from power supply to devices on it. Some LEDs are designed on board to indicate status of each power rail. PICMG 1.0 supports both ISA & PCI, PICMG 1.2 supports dual PCI or PCI-X, and PICMG 1.3 supports PCI Express and PCI expansion. Some bridges or switches can be applied to the backplane to support more devices or different kinds of expansion interfaces. However, PICMG 1.0, 1.2, and 1.3 are not compatible with each other.

PICMG 1.3 I/O Class Industrial Backplane (I/O Centric)

PBPE-19AG64 PBPE-19AG64 19-slot [PCI-E x8 (1), PCI-E x4 (1), PCI-X (16)] PICMG 1.3 Industrial Backplane
PBPE-14AD64 PBPE-14AD64 14-slot [PCI-E x8 (1), PCI-E x4 (1), PCI-X (8), PCI (3)] PICMG 1.3 Industrial Backplane
PBPE-08P41 PBPE-08P41 8-slot [PCI-E x8 (1, x4 signal), PCI-E x16 (2, x8 signal), PCI (4)] PICMG 1.3 Industrial Backplane
PBPE-06V464 PBPE-06V464 Vertical 6-slot [PCI-E x4 (1), PCI-X (4)] PICMG 1.3 Industrial Backplane
PBPE-06P2 PBPE-06P2 6-slot [PCI-E x8 (1, x4 signal), PCI-E x16 (2, x8 signal), PCI (2)] PICMG 1.3 Industrial Backplane
PBPE-06A364 PBPE-06A364 6-slot [PCI-E x16 (2, x8 signal), PCI-X (2), PCI (1)] PICMG 1.3 Industrial Backplane

PICMG 1.3 Graphic Class Industrial Backplane (Graphic-Centric)

PBPE-13A8 PBPE-13A8 13-slot [PCI (8), PCI-E x16 (1),PCI-E x1 (3)]PICMG 1.3 Backplane
PBPE-13A4 PBPE-13A4 13-slot [PCIe x16(1), PCIe x16(2, x1 signal), PCIe x4(5, x1 signal), PCI(4)]
PBPE-12P4 PBPE-12P4 12-Slot [PCIe x16 (1, x8 signal), PCIe x8 (2, x4 signal), PCIe x4 (4, x1 signal), PCI (4)]
PBPE-12AA64 PBPE-12AA64 12-slot [PCI-X (8), PCI-E x16 (1), PCI (2)]
PBPE-12A9 PBPE-12A9 12-slot [PCI-E x16 (1), PCI-E x8 (1, x4 signal), PCI (9)] PICMG 1.3 Industrial Backplane
PBPE-11A3 PBPE-11A3 11-Slot [PCIe x16(1), PCIe x16 (2, x8 signal), PCIe x8 (4, x1 signal), PCI (3)
PBPE-07P4 PBPE-07P4 7-slot [PCI-E x4 (1), PCI-E x16 (1), PCI (4)] PICMG 1.3 Industrial Backplane
PBPE-06V3 PBPE-06V3 Vertical 6-slot [PCI-E x4 (1), PCI-E x16 (1), PCI (3)] PICMG 1.3 Industrial Backplane
PBPE-06V PBPE-06V Vertical 6-slot [PCI-E x1 (4), PCI-E x16 (1)] PICMG 1.3 Industrial Backplane
PBPE-06P4 PBPE-06P4 6-slot [PCI-E x8 (1, x4 signal), PCI (4)] PICMG 1.3 Industrial Backplane
PBPE-06P3 PBPE-06P3 6-slot [PCI-E x16 (1), PCI-E x4 (1), PCI (3)] PICMG 1.3 Industrial Backplane
PBPE-05A364 PBPE-05A364 5-slot [PCI-E x16 (1), PCI-X (2), PCI (1)] PICMG 1.3 Industrial Backplane
PBPE-03V-A PBPE-03V-A Vertical 3-slot [PCI-E x4 (1), PCI-E x16 (1)] PICMG 1.3 Industrial Backplane

PICMG 1.0 Industrial Backplane

PBP-19P4 PBP-19P4 19-slot (4xPCI) PICMG backplane
PBP-19AI PBP-19AI 19-slot (18xPCI) active PICMG backplane
PBP-19AC PBP-19AC 19-slot (12xPCI) active PICMG backplane
PBP-18D4 PBP-18D4 18-slot dual-system PICMG backplane
PBP-14P4 PBP-14P4 14-slot (4xPCI) PICMG backplane
PBP-14AC-B PBP-14AC-B 14-slot (12xPCI) active PICMG backplane
PBP-14AC PBP-14AC 14-slot (12xPCI) active PICMG backplane
PBP-14A7 PBP-14A7 14-slot (7xPCI) active PICMG backplane
ACTI-14P4 ACTI-14P4 14-slot (4xPCI) active PICMG backplane
ACTI-14AA ACTI-14AA 14-slot (10xPCI) active PICMG backplane
PBP-13R4 PBP-13R4 13-slot (4xPCI) PICMG backplane
PBP-13D4 PBP-13D4 13-slot dual-system PICMG backplane
PBP-08P4 PBP-08P4 8-slot (4xPCI) PICMG backplane
PBP-08P3 PBP-08P3 8-slot (3xPCI) PICMG backplane
PBP-08A7 PBP-08A7 8-slot (7xPCI) active PICMG backplane
PBP-06V4 PBP-06V4 Vertical 6-slot (4xPCI) PICMG backplane
PBP-06P4 PBP-06P4 6-slot (4xPCI) PICMG backplane
PBP-06P3 PBP-06P3 6-slot (3xPCI) PICMG backplane
PBP-03P2X PBP-03P2X 3-slot (2xPCI) PICMG backplane
PBP-02V1 PBP-02V1 Vertical 2-slot (1xPCI) PICMG backplane

PCI Industrial Backplane

  • Compact size backplane for half size PCI SBC
  • PICMG 1.0 Rev 2.1 Compliant (PCI golden finger only)
  • Support AT or ATX type power connector
  • 4-layer PCB with power and ground planes to reduce power noise and maintain a lower impedance
  • Frame rated PCB at 94-V0
  • User friendly design supports external K/B connector, power for chassis fan and power indicator
  • PBP-05P PBP-05P 5-slot passive PCI backplane
    PBP-04P PBP-04P 4-slot passive PCI backplane

    ISA Industrial Backplane

  • 4-layer PCB with ground and power planes for reducing noise and keeping lower impedance
  • Frame Rated PCB at 94-V0
  • LED power indicator for +5V, +12V, -5V and 12V
  • Heavy duty terminal block connector for industrial power supply wiring(*)
  • Equipped with gold-plated socket for good contact
  • Easy cut for dual or multi systems(*)
  • Plug-in sockets of termination resistors for high- speed signal.(*) “*”means for most part of products
  • PBP-14I PBP-14I 14-slot passive ISA backplane
    PBP-08I PBP-08I 8-slot passive ISA backplane
    PBP-06I PBP-06I 6-slot passive ISA backplane
    PBP-04I PBP-04I 4-slot passive ISA backplane
    PBP-03I PBP-03I 3-slot passive ISA backplane
    For 3rd parties memory module comparability, also check (CMTL Advanced Tested Memory List)
    *Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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