Industrial Computer Chassis

At Portwell, we take care of our customers’ needs. Portwell has pledged to remain customer centric -- even amid the relative challenges of the rack-mount chassis market. Unlike most chassis suppliers, whose focus is cost-down, our priority is quality, and this is reflected in the concepts of our newly developed chassis designs.


Our new industrial design is definitely an eye-catcher, and the chassis has lines that make it easy to work with. We have invested heavily in our industrial design. Consequently, our rack-mount chassis is not just attractive, it is also built practically. This enhances the product outlook and strengthens the unity of our customers’ systems.


Since they first evolved from the PC, the growing new technologies have changed the applications of the rack-mount chassis tremendously. New devices, such as USB and IEEE1394, have been completely adopted in the market. The advanced functionality inside of a Portwell chassis is consistently updated in order to meet changing trends, and assures Portwell of a position as a market leader.


The modularized, state-of-the-art design of our chassis enables Portwell to meet system differentiation and the suitability for future demands. At Portwell, we understand that our rack-mount chassis are not for use by application controllers alone. They could also be fault-tolerant systems. Therefore, some hot-swappable devices, such as Mirror or RAID disks, might be integrated into the system. Portwell keeps an eye on future demands to build the capability inside the chassis to work with your system now and in the future.

1U Industrial Rackmount

PRC-1194 PRC-1194 19" 1U industrial rack-mount P4 chassis

2U Industrial Rackmount

AREMO-2173P AREMO-2173P 19" 2U industrial rack-mount chassis for PICMG 1.3 backplane
AREMO-2173MX AREMO-2173MX 19" 2U industrial rack-mount chassis for Micro-ATX or mini-ITX mother board
AREMO-2173E AREMO-2173E 19" 2U industrial rack-mount chassis with vertical 6-slots

3U Industrial Rackmount

AREMO-3194 AREMO-3194 19"3U rack-mount chassis for ATX M/B platform(adopt 2U power supply)

4U Industrial Rackmount

AREMO-4196 AREMO-4196 19" 4U industrial rack-mount chassis with 14 slots
AREMO-4185 AREMO-4185 19" 4U industrial rackmount chassis
RPC-520 RPC-520 19" 4U 20-slot industrial rack-mount chassis with 19 slots
RPC-500NC RPC-500NC 19" 4U industrial rack-mount chassis with 14 slots
RPC-500L RPC-500L 19" 4U industrial rack-mount chassis with 14 slots (Longer depth)

5U Industrial Rackmount

IRC-750 IRC-750 19" 5U rack-mount CTI chassis with 6 drive-bays and 14 slots

Industrial Node Chassis

AREMO-8164 AREMO-8164 8-slot full-sized industrial node chassis (Shoe-box)
AREMO-6163 AREMO-6163 6-slot full-sized industrial node chassis (Shoe-box)


EZDRV-400 EZDRV-400 5.25" compact drive set with slim type DVD-ROM, SD/CF card reader, 2x USB ports and space for 2.5" HDD
For 3rd parties memory module comparability, also check (CMTL Advanced Tested Memory List)
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