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ABN-512’s energy-efficient design provides and maintains
high availability for servers and mission-critical applications


FREMONT, CALIF. -- April 7, 2008 -- American Portwell Technology, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Portwell, Inc., a world-leading innovator and supplier of Internet Security Appliances, and a member of the Intel Embedded and Communications Alliance, announces ABN-512, a PCI-E x8 network interface card with Intel 82598EB dual 10 Gigabit fiber MM LC bypass adapter ports. The ABN-512 is optimized for multi-core architectures and able to implement efficient packet routing by using multiple queues and interrupt load balancing using MSI-X. The new network interface card also supports Virtual Machine Device Queue (VMDq) technology to reduce the data workloads caused by sharing a single NIC between multiple virtual machines.

American Portwell’s ABN-512 unit features a programmable software control to automatically switch to bypass/non-bypass functions in the event of software “hang” and/or power failure. A built-in watchdog time (WDT) performs the same safeguard for Ethernet ports. Integrated LEDs indicate connection status and bypass mode for the PCI-E x8 interface. The new ABN-512 supports most network operating systems and is the ideal solution for network intensive applications and services such as fast database access and backup, large data warehousing, web infrastructure, cluster and grid computing, video streaming and IPTV.

Energy-efficient design
“We built the new ABN-512 around the Intel 82598EB 10 Gigabit controller for a reason,” says Mark Huang, American Portwell Technology’s product marketing manager. “It is the easiest and most cost-effective way of providing an energy-efficient design for next-generation 10 Gigabit performance and multi-core processors.” According to Huang, the dual port feature of the ABN-512 provides increased network reliability.

Maintains high availability in mission critical applications
“Because of the combination of the dual 10 Gigabits per second fiber MM LC bypass adapter and built-in support for VMDq and MSI-X,” explains Frank Shen, American Portwell Technology’s product marketing director, “the ABN-512 is able to provide and maintain high availability for servers and mission critical applications. This ability to bypass a failed system, a power failure or a software hang provides maximum uptime for the network and peace of mind for our customers. One of the benefits of our new ABN-512 PCI-E x8 network interface card with Intel 82598EB dual 10 Gigabit fiber bypass ports,” Shen adds, “is that it provides support for most of today’s networking operating systems, which means that it can be widely deployed throughout the community.”

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