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Rugged ARTO-1070 integrates with PEB-2730VL ECX ESB


FREMONT, CALIF. -- March 16, 2007 -- American Portwell Technology, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Portwell, Inc., a world-leading innovator in the Industrial PC (IPC) market and a member of the Intel® Communications Alliance, announ­ces its new ARTO-1070, a rugged fan-less node chassis with a form factor designed specifically to support embedded compact extended (ECX) boards such as Portwell’s PEB-2730VL or similar ECX embedded system boards (ESB). The ARTO-1070 system features one VGA, one LAN, four USB and one COM ports, and while compact in size, the ARTO-1070 includes PCIe or PCI expansion capabilities through a PMIO (Portwell Modules I/O) interface. A unique tool-free design allows the integrator or field service engineer to release the top cover of the ARTO-1070 quickly for easy maintenance. Designed as a low power device to reduce the total cost of ownership, the ARTO-1070 is also noiseless and vibration-resistant for operation in special environments.
The ARTO-1070 integrates seamlessly with Portwell’s PEB-2730VL ESB with the latest 3.5˝ Intel® ECX form factor, Intel LV Pentium® M or Intel ULV Celeron® M-based processor with DDR-II SDRAM, GMA900 VGA/Panel/CRT/Dual Display, Fast Ethernet and Audio, which also supports PCI/PCI Express, I2S, DVO, LPC, AC97 and USB.
The ARTO-1070 node chassis is a compact 190 mm x 170 mm x 50 mm (7.48˝ x 6.69˝ x 1.97˝) form factor that weighs a mere 2-2.5 kg (4.41-5.51 lbs).
Portwell’s PEB-2730VL’s compact 3.5˝ ECX form factor gives it the versatility to fit in a wide range of systems. Its Intel® low power chipset 915GM is paired with a low voltage 1.4 GHz Pentium® M processor with 2M L2 cache or the fan-less ultra low power 600 MHz ULV Celeron® M processor. A scalable high performance uFC-PGA socket boosts the speed of the Pentium M to 2.0 GHz. The PEB-2730 VL features dual independent display support for CRT, LVDS and SDVO.
Available now, Portwell’s new ARTO-1070 fan-less system with PEB-2730VL ECX ESB is the ideal solution for embedded applications in medical equipment, digital signage, kiosks and in-vehicle PCs.
Fan-less, noiseless and vibration-free
“The new ARTO-1070 is designed for an ECX embedded system board (ESB) in an embedded application and is the perfect solution where size is a constraint,” says Jack Lam, American Portwell Technology’s senior product marketing manager. “It is designed to efficiently dissipate internal heat without a ventilation fan and there is no noise or vibration. So it’s cooler, quieter and less of a distraction. Should the operating circumstances require it, however,” adds Lam, “the ARTO-1070 does reserve internal space for a fan or alternatively adapts to stack a heat sink module on the external cover.”

Field service is a snap
“The smaller footprint and fan-less operation of the ARTO-1070 node chassis not only keeps the size down, but it also reduces energy consumption,” explains Frank Shen, American Portwell Technology’s product marketing director. “This provides companies with applications operating 24/7 the opportunity to save money.”
“A further advantage of the ARTO-1070,” continues Shen, “is that its unique tool-free design makes it a snap for quick and efficient field service and maintenance. And the less time spent on maintenance, the lower the total cost of ownership.”

Reliable operation and long product lifecycle
Shen also points out that it’s important to conduct business with a proven and reliable vendor. “Portwell is not only a member of the Intel® Communications Alliance (ICA),” he confirms, “but the company was also awarded Gold Vendor status on VDC’s (Venture Development Corporation) 2006 Embedded Board Vendor Rankings.”
“This award recognizes those vendors of merchant embedded computer boards that have provided the greatest degree of overall satisfaction to their customers,” explains Shen. “Combined with our ISO 9001 certification, it means customers can be confident that they will receive a reliable product, delivered ahead of the curve, with professional support and a long life cycle.”

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Jack Lam
Senior Product Marketing Manager
American Portwell Technology, Inc.