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Portwell announces CAR-5010, a new server-grade network appliance-based on
Intel® 5520 platform that supports the latest Intel® Xeon® 5600 series processor

FREMONT, CALIF—February 1, 2011— American Portwell Technology, Inc. (, a wholly owned subsidiary of Portwell, Inc., an innovative network solutions provider and an Associate member of the Intel Embedded Alliance, announces CAR-5010, its new high-end network appliance. CAR-5010 supports the Intel Xeon 5600 series quad-core and six-core processor based on 32nm processor technology.

Portwell’s new CAR-5010 server-grade network appliance features a 2U rackmount chassis, dual sockets for the Intel Xeon processors with an integrated memory controller, up to 6.4 GT/s Intel Quick Path Interconnect (QPI) Technology links between the two processors and Intel 5520 I/O Hub with 36 PCI Express generation 2.0 lanes, six DDR3 DIMM slots for each processor. The CAR-5010 provides excellent computing power and extensive throughput performance using PCI Express Gen 2.0 solutions of both GbE and 10GbE bandwidth, at a very competitive price. Portwell’s CAR-5010 also supports remote network monitoring and active management. The remote management features include KVM, IPMI 2.0, Power Management, Virtual Media, IPMI Authentication and Web GUI.

The new CAR-5010 is a combination of the latest Intel processors, chipsets and Ethernet controllers in one platform. With built-in dual-socket design and supporting up to 80 GB memory, it is an ideal solution for building high-end network security solutions and high performance computing applications. It delivers the necessary computing power for UTM, IPS, IDS, Anti-virus, Firewall, VPN, Content Filtering and many more.

Module Design Adds Flexibility

According to Mark Huang, American Portwell Technology’s product marketing manager, the modular design of the front-access network ports on the new CAR-5010 can be configured as copper or fiber, GbE or 10GbE, or copper bypass or fiber bypass module, and all support PCI Express Gen2 specification. “All these components are swappable,” says Huang, “so the network interface can be easily changed to a different type with the module design. Even the expansion slot reserved for standard PCI Express card can be swappable,” he confirms. “In addition, customers do not need to open the case for installing add-on cards.” Other features include hot-swappable HDD, removable smart system fan and redundant 500W power supply.
Customers using traditional copper or fiber modules can now choose the CAR-5010’s programmable bypass module. In practice, the programmable bypass mode allows network packets to flow in and out unattended when the appliance is shutting down. The programmable next boot-up status means that the Bypass or Open mode can be determined in advance before the system shuts down. This means that the system can be predetermined to reboot to the preferred status and will be immediately ready to operate. Instant status can be changed on-the-fly by a series of software commands. Each Bypass segment has its own Watch Dog Timer (WDT), so bypass behavior can operate independently. “The CAR-5010 system will satisfy customers who look for a variety of Ethernet module designs and need the flexibility to configure for different allocations,” Huang concludes.

Consolidate Solutions and Lower Development Cost

The Intel Xeon 5600 processors deliver top performance for high-throughput network/data storage and security applications. This robust performance helps customers consolidate previously separate applications into one network appliance, such as the Portwell CAR-5010, to achieve cost-effective designs. Intel Xeon 5600 processors, based on 32nm processor technology, provide a socket and pin-compatible upgrade to the existing 5520 chipset platform with up to 6 core operation (up to 12 threads per socket with Hyper-Threading technology) that brings significant performance increase and improved energy efficiency.

The CAR-5010 network appliance built with a 10G PCIe SFP+ network interface card (NIC) -- one of the many NIC options -- delivers breakthrough performance of multi-core, 10 GbE computing, in addition to supporting the Linux® OS, the most secured carrier-grade OS for the network and communication industry. It allows network application developers to consolidate solutions and lower development costs with a great feature set supporting both the PCI Express Generation 1.0 and 2.0, GbE and 10GbE (Intel 82599ES/EB), Copper and Fiber NIC with bypass or without bypass (fail-over). Customers can choose from these different solution portfolios to enhance their development cycle and launch their products to the market faster.

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About American Portwell
American Portwell Technology, Inc., is a world-leading innovator in the Network Security market and an Associate member of the Intel® Embedded Alliance. American Portwell Technology designs, manufactures and markets a complete range of communications appliances, embedded computer boards and systems and rackmount systems for both OEMs and ODMs. American Portwell is both an ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2003 certified company. The company is located in Fremont, California. For more information about American Portwell’s extensive turnkey and private-label branding solutions, call 1-877-APT-8899, email or visit us at

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Mark Huang
Product Marketing Manager
American Portwell Technology, Inc.

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