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CAR-5020 Provides Compelling Functionality and Flexibility for the
Communications & Infrastructure Markets

AMD G-Series System CAD-0215

Fremont, Calif. —October 23, 2012— American Portwell Technology, Inc. (, a wholly owned subsidiary of Portwell, Inc., a world-leading innovator in the Network Security market, and a Premier member of the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance today announced CAR-5020, a highly functional and modular 2U rack-mount communication appliance that offers a comprehensive solution for customers in the Network Security, Communications and Infrastructure market. The modular design of American Portwell’s CAR-5020 utilizes the Intel® Platform for Communications Infrastructure, formerly codenamed “Crystal Forest.” The platform features Intel® QuickAssist Technology, supports dual processors up to 16 cores with CPU support for Level 3 Cache (up to 40MB) and 16 DIMMs DDR3 240-pin memory slots.

Specifically, the CAR-5020 supports dual Intel® Xeon® processors E5-2600 series with up to 16 cores and 2 QPI links. The platform supports dual-channel DDR3 1333/1066 UDIMM/ RDIMM memory with maximum capacity up to 128GB. Intel® QuickAssist Technology, supported by Intel® Communications Chipset 89xx Series on the platform, not only provides Encryption/Decryption functions but also offloads workload acceleration from the processor. In fact, it is precisely the Intel® QuickAssist capabilities (support for security up to 20Gbps Bulk Encryption/Decryption, Bulk: AES, 3DES, (A)RC4, Hash: MD5, SHA-1/2, HMAC, Wireless: Kasumi and SNOW 3G, Public Key: RSA, DSA, DH Internal TRNG + pCRC) combined with the processor offload for workload acceleration that makes the CAR-5020 platform compelling for the Communications & Infrastructure market. The three swappable NIC module card slots on the CAR-5020 appliance offer a wide range of choices to customers to accommodate Ethernet interfaces, for example, 4/8GbE copper or 2/4/8GbE fiber with 0/1/2 bypass segments; expandable with 2 ports 10GbE (RJ45/ SFP+) with or without bypass. In addition, there are four expansion slots--two PCI-E x8 Gen2 slots and two PCI-E x8 Gen1 slots to satisfy various customer demands. The CAR-5020 appliance implements both IPMI 2.0 and Power Management Bus I/O on-board, providing robust remote monitoring and management capabilities.

American Portwell’s CAR-5020 2U rackmount Communication Appliance is perfectly positioned for network security applications such as firewall, VPN, IDS/IPS, anti-spam, anti-virus and UTM, and network management applications such as routers, RAS gateways, QoS, server load-balancing, wireless LAN controllers, medical DICOM and PACS, and industrial automation control via Ethernet TCP/IP.

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American Portwell Technology, Inc., is a world-leading innovator in the Network Security market and a Premier member of the Intel® Intelligent Systems Alliance. American Portwell Technology designs, manufactures and markets a complete range of communications appliances, embedded computer boards and systems and rackmount systems for both OEMs and ODMs. American Portwell is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 14001:2004 certified company. The company is located in Fremont, California. For more information about American Portwell’s extensive turnkey solutions and private-label branding service, call 1-877-APT-8899, email or visit us at

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