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New GADIWA series --- perfect solution for in-car infotainment and other DC powered embedded computing


FREMONT, CALIF. -- March 5, 2008 -- With the launch of its DC/DC and DC/ATX GADIWA series cable/insert power supplies and regulator, American Portwell Technology, Inc. -- a wholly owned subsidiary of Portwell, Inc., a world-leading innovator and supplier of embedded computing, and a member of the Intel® Embedded and Communications Alliance -- has just made it a snap for OEM design engineers to enable DC powered embedded computing solutions, especially in-car infotainment systems, using these ultra-compact DC-to-DC and/or DC-to-ATX adapters.

There are three units within the GADIWA series. GADIWA-R9271 -- 60 x 45 x 16 mm -- is a DC-to-DC regulator that takes input of 9V to 27V DC and provides output of 12V DC. GADIWA-P0901 and P0902 are DC-to-ATX power supplies, and both can be constructed as the “power-supply-on-cable” since they are a mere 60 x 45 x 12 mm and 63 x 36 x 15 mm respectively. GADIWA-P0902 also provides additional 12V DC output to drive the CPU fan. The GADIWA-P0901 and P0902 are probably the smallest 12V DC based power supply units on the market for the embedded boards that need ATX power input.

Tiny unit with big power

“The new ultra-compact GADIWA-P0901 and GADIWA-P0902 DC/DC ATX power supplies operate at just 12V with 90W output. They can be plugged directly into the ATX connector on board (GADIWA-P0902) or connected via a cable (GADIWA-P0901),” says Jack Lam, American Portwell Technology’s senior product marketing manager. “Both operate best in DC powered embedded systems.” Lam adds that these small power supplies are complemented by the equally compact GADIWA-R9271 output regulator, which increases the flexibility of working with wider range DC inputs and saves the cost of upgrading the DC power supply.

 Innovation and commitment by the market leader

Frank Shen, American Portwell Technology’s product marketing director, believes the new GADIWA series power supplies will benefit any OEM that wants to turn an existing embedded computing solution into a DC power-based application. “Our units are significantly smaller than similar products provided by other vendors,” Shen confirms. “Portwell became the market leader in this segment because it is constantly committed to providing innovative solutions and superior value to the market. For example, American Portwell Technology has overcome the restriction of limited power sources -- such as car batteries -- by building programmable firmware into its power supplies” he explains. “This firmware enables the programmable power delay to start or shutdown the unit efficiently.“

The new GADIWA power supply product family works with all Portwell’s Mini-ITX embedded system boards. In addition to operating intelligently for in-vehicle applications, the GADIWA series is also an ideal solution for powering up numerous applications with space constraints.

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American Portwell Technology, Inc.

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