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PORTWELL announces energy efficient
1U CA PLATFORM for enterprise/medium-sized office
New NAR-5620/5622 supports integrated Intel® 3100 Chipset


FREMONT, CALIF. -- February 6, 2007 -- American Portwell Technology, Inc., a world-leading innovator in the industry of Communication/Internet Security Appliances, announces NAR-5620/5622, a new energy efficient, high-powered 1U CA platform that complements Portwell’s expanding portfolio of existing communication appliances. Combining the latest Intel® 3100 Chipset with the Core™ Duo, Pentium® M or Celeron® M mobile processors, NAR-5620/5622 optimizes computing power and energy efficiency to provide the perfect solution for software providers who need a platform with both greater computing performance reliability and manageability, greater power efficiency, higher throughput, faster memory and I/O bandwidth, and faster data movement.
Portwell’s NAR-5620/5622 features extremely high and flexible network bandwidth configurations that range up to 6 PCI-E SFP connectors or 8 PCI-E copper ports, and 2 PCI32 GbE ports. By using the Intel® 3100 Chipset, the NAR-5620/5622 supports server-grade I/O and is able to fulfill customers’ increasing demands in the network security segment. The NAR-5620/5622’s DDR-2 400 memory technology is perfect for application buffering and memory-intensive applications.
Available now, Portwell’s new NAR-5620/5622 1U CA platform is the ideal solution for security applications such as Enterprise Internet Security, Firewall, Wide Area Network optimization, Unified Threat Management, Network Access Control, Network Behavior Analyzer and Triple Play broadcasting for both the enterprise and medium-sized offices.

Meets the IT industry’s performance-per-watt requirements
 “Performance-per-watt has been the IT industry’s barometer for the last decade,” says Aaron Chiang, American Portwell Technology’s senior product marketing manager, “and high computing power and low energy consumption is major consideration when determining the efficiency of computing platforms -- particularly in the arena of network security, where applications often run 24/7.”
“Once the domain of the enterprise, this combination of high performance, high reliability, low-power consumption, small footprint platforms is now attainable by the medium-sized offices too, as attested by our new NAR-5620/5622,” adds Chiang. “Portwell's NAR-5620/5622 uses Intel® 3100 chipset-based architecture to achieve this integration of power and economy and ECC/unbuffered memory to speed up the data-moving performance.”

An excellent network appliance platform
According to Frank Shen, American Portwell Technology’s product marketing director, the new NAR-5620/5622 has been designed to excel as a network appliance platform.
“Today’s networks demand multi-core technology because more and more applications run in parallel,” explains Shen, “and by blending the multi-core processing capabilities of Intel®’s socket M mobile processors, such as Core™ Duo, with the Intel 3100 chipset, we’ve been able to help our customers address these computing challenges by offering significant performance and efficiency in the same package -- with the scalability for future processor innovations that we know will come. And with the longevity of lifespan built into all Portwell products, the NAR-5620/5622 will be ready to meet them,” he adds.
Portwell’s NAR-5620/5622 features up to 6 PCI-E SFP or 8 PCI-E copper and 2 PCI32 GbE ports for maximal GbE expandability to meet a variety of application requests, easier inventory control, flexible systems construction, and a low thermal solution for system management access.
“Like the other members of the NAR family,” continues Shen, “the new NAR-5620/5622 offers software providers the opportunity to meet the needs of today’s security-conscious users by delivering server-class performance in a compact footprint, at a competitive price.”

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Aaron Chiang
Senior Product Marketing Manager
American Portwell Technology Inc.