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PORTWELL EXPANDS energy efficient
New NAR-5630 supports integrated Intel® 945G Chipset


FREMONT, CALIF. -- September 12, 2007 -- American Portwell Technology, Inc., a world-leading innovator in the industry of Communication/Internet Security Appliances, has expanded its high-computing power and energy efficient 1U communication appliance platform with the introduction of the new NAR-5630. By combining the latest Intel® 945G Chipset with the Core™ 2 Duo and backward compatibility with Pentium® 4 or Celeron® D processors, the new NAR-5630 optimizes computer power and energy efficiency to provide the perfect choice for software providers who need solutions with the latest Core 2 Duo technologies and a wide array of GbE ports. Portwell’s NAR-5630 integrates greater computing performance reliability and manageability, improved power efficiency, higher throughput, faster memory and I/O bandwidth, and faster data movement into a single sleek unit that measures a mere 443 (W) x 465 (D) x 44 (H) mm.
Portwell’s NAR-5630 features extremely high and flexible network bandwidth configurations that range up to 10 PCI-E GbE ports, made up of 10 copper or 4 copper and 6 fiber SFP, fiber SFP or dual-personality Ethernet ports. The expandability from 4 built-in PCI-E GbE to 10 PCI-E ports supplies the capacity to meet a wide range of application requirements.
Available now, Portwell’s new NAR-5630 1U CA platform is the ideal solution for security applications such as Enterprise Internet Security, Firewall, WAN optimization, Unified Threat Management, Network Access Control, VoIP Gateway, Network Behavior Analysis and Triple Play broadcasting for both the enterprise and medium-sized offices.

Wire-speed performance at a competitive price
 “The new NAR-5630 adopts highly configurable PCI-E switching technology for maximum throughput and port density. We are also fully utilize PCI-E lanes from both 945G and ICH6R,” says Mark Huang, American Portwell Technology’s product marketing manager. “This unit allows Portwell customers to achieve near wire-speed performance and fiber connection at a highly competitive price.”
“Our customers will also benefit from the fail-safe bypass LAN feature of NAR-5630. We’ve included up to four second-generation bypass segments for high availability (HA),” adds Huang. “Portwell's NAR-5630 offers programmable Open/Bypass mode by power failure and software programmable Next Boot Mode. A single on-board PCI-E x8 slot and internal PCI allow easy expansion with Crypto or other add-on cards to meet users’ requirements. The new NAR-5630 also accommodates two 3.5˝ HDDs for optimized storage of data,” Huang confirms, “and even construction of RAID 0/1 for user applications.”

Increased longevity and enhanced system performance
According to Frank Shen, American Portwell Technology’s product marketing director, Portwell chose the Intel® 945G chipset in order to supply the new NAR-5630 with increased longevity support and enable its customers to offer a distinct price advantage to their clients.
“High computing power and low energy consumption is a major consideration when determining the efficiency of computing platforms -- particularly in the arena of network security, where applications often run 24/7,” says Shen.
“The combination of the Intel® Core™ 2 Duo processor and 945G chipset, and both IDE and SATA interfaces, provide the best sweet spot in system performance. What’s more,” Shen adds, “the NAR-5630 offers backward CPU compatibility with LGA-775, Pentium® 4, or Celeron® D for easy migration from an existing legacy systems. ”
“Today’s networks demand multi-core technology because more and more applications run in parallel. By blending the multi-core processing capabilities of Intel’s Core™ 2 Duo processors with the Intel® 945G chipset, we’ve been able to help our customers address these computing challenges by offering significant performance and efficiency in the same package. And with the longevity of lifespan built into all Portwell products, the NAR-5630 will be ready to meet them,” Shen confirms.

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