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Enhanced PCS-8277 telematics system provides all-in-one in-vehicle
computing platform and Full-HD content capable digital signage


FREMONT, CALIF. —March 27, 2012—American Portwell Technology, Inc., ( has added a host of new applications for PCS-8277, its existing, revolutionary in-vehicle PC-based telematics system. With powerful graphics/video processing capability, fast system time boot and easy maintenance design, the PCS-8277 is the ideal solution for in-vehicle digital signage telematics. The PCS-8277 offers the latest dual-core AMD G-T56N 1.6 GHz processor, AMD Radeon HD 6310 graphics engine and fan-less design. The enhanced features include DVI-I video support for both analog and digital resolution as high as 2045 x 1560, and VGA video output support for resolutions up to 2045 x 1560.

According to George Liao, senior product marketing manager at American Portwell Technology, the addition of these features and more makes PCS-8277 the perfect choice for applications such as mass transit in-bus and airport shuttle bus advertisement player and Wi-Fi hot-spot, in-shuttle bus flight schedule bulletin board, school bus media player platform, taxi rooftop digital signage player and in-vehicle interactive player for tour bus operation. The same functionality can also be applied to in-bus and on-the-train surveillance systems, and fleet dispatch and remote management.

The Perfect Fit
“Mobile applications such as an in-bus advertisement player and Wi-Fi hot spot require a compact, low-power but high-performance unit,” says Liao, “and with a power consumption as low as 18W and a footprint of only 9.84˝x5.9˝x2.16˝, the ruggedized PCS-8277 fits into space constraint areas. Its fan-less design ensures there are fewer problems down the line.”

“The key to any in-vehicle display is sharp images and the ability to entertain. PCS-8277’s high resolution graphics engine and high-performance chipset enable the end-user to run Full-HD movies, sports and advertisements” Liao confirms.

Increased Customer Benefits
Liao believes PCS-8277 is the perfect choice for use by commercial advertisement agents, school bus systems integrators, metro bus operators, and taxi and tour bus companies. “With a PC-based computing core, developing applications is a snap and the rich expansion options—including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS and 3.5G/4G communications—users can not only meet today’s demands but also those of the future. In fact,” Liao adds, “we’ve included an option to upload/download contents directly from a remote site. This means PCS-8277 acts as a hot spot, providing high-speed Internet service for the passengers in the vehicle. It’s a great tool to increase customer satisfaction.”

In-vehicle Digital Media Breakthrough
According to Liao, in-vehicle digital signage allows developers to display focused ads. “This type of advertising can mean extra income for fleet operators,” Liao says. “The ads and other audio/video content can be activated remotely via GPS and triggered to play in the vehicle at scenic spots, for example.”

“PCS-8277 is a slim, rugged and fan-less structure plus a powerful graphics engine that is more than capable of smoothly handling in-vehicle signage,” Liao confirms. “And as usual, our customers also gain peace of mind from the long life cycle support inherent with every Portwell product.”

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