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PIVS-6104 and specialized cameras optimize
video security for in-vehicle applications

In-Vehicle Surveillance System

FREMONT, CALIF. —September 17, 2013— American Portwell Technology, Inc., (, a leading embedded solution provider, launches its first 4-channel digital recording system, PIVS-6104, for in-vehicle application operated with CCTV cameras.

Surveillance video can provide evidence when an incident occurs, whether it is a break-in or the kind of terrorist violence that took place during the Boston Marathon in April 2013.  The prospect of being caught on camera helps to potentially reduce the crime rate. But surveillance cameras also serve a useful purpose when mounted in or on vehicles and locomotives in the event of accidental impact and the like.

“Traditional surveillance DVR system is usually mounted on a well-protected place where stable power is available. However, installing such device in a public transportation’s environment is a different story,” says George Liao, Senior Product Marketing Manager at American Portwell Technology. “The unique environment in the vehicle application is an engineering challenge. The key issues to overcome include constant bumping, shock and vibration, extreme hot and cold temperatures, dust accumulation and constrained space for installation, plus the not-so-reliable in-vehicle power source itself.”  

“Specifically” designed for in-vehicle environment
The ignition on and off are critical moments for any in-vehicle electronics device. “To avoid surge current damage, PIVS-6104 has an intelligent ignition control that delays system boot to avoid surge current damage; and it also delays system shutdown to ensure the system has sufficient time to save the data. In addition, the built-in power protection circuit can accommodate a wide voltage input—9~32V DC—to prevent any unstable electrically current surges that could damage the delicate, and sometimes fragile, electronics components. Not only that,” Liao adds, “it comes with a rugged structure to effectively isolate the unit from rough road conditions and which is compliant with MIL-STD-810F, Method 514.5 for military drop test and vibration standards. The rugged aluminum structure also serves as heat dissipation that enables this system to function in wide temperatures range, from -20ºC to 55ºC, with a fan-less design.”

H.264 performance at an affordable price
The new PIVS-6104 in-vehicle surveillance recorder has all benefits of 4-channel video streaming in H.264 standard compression, but in a competitive price. “Usually, H.264 standard compression is expensive because it normally requires high-end hardware architecture,” Liao explains. “Portwell keeps its costs down by adopting a dedicated application processor, which positions the PIVS-6104 with an affordable price for vehicle fleet operations,” he confirms.

Real-time communications, GPS and G-sensor
Unlike other standalone DVR devices the PIVS-6104 is capable of communicating with various networks. Installed with an optional 3.5G/4G/Wi-Fi communication module, it can transmit real-time event data and video images remotely. “In the case of an impact, or flip-over, on the road,” Liao continues, “the device will instantly record the vehicle’s GPS positioning information, G-sensor’s impact data and timing of the incident. Moreover, with an optional 3.5G/4G cellular modem, it will call 9-1-1 and email the recorded data to the vehicle’s service hub automatically. All these actions are automatically and promptly processed without any manual operation involved.”

Backend management software with SDK availability
The PIVS-6104 comes with backend management application software. A System Development Kit (SDK) is available for those who want to customize their own proprietary operation interfaces. With this application software, a fleet manager is able to monitor or track the vehicle’s status, not only with desktop or server at the monitoring center or office, but also with mobile devices, like tablets or Smartphone in Apple® iOS, Android™ or Microsoft® Windows™ Mobile, from their home or out in the field. This application software greatly saves the user’s development efforts and total cost of ownership. “It is just one of the many cost-saving offerings Portwell always provides,” confirms Liao.

Cameras for vehicle applications
Portwell even provides a long list of versatile cameras for vehicle applications. These cameras operate in resolution ranges from 420 to 600 lines and meet IP66, IP67 or even IP68 weatherproof standards. These cameras are designed to be mounted inside or outside of the vehicle as the perfect solution paired with Portwell’s PIVS-6104 for use in buses, trucks, locomotives, and subway trains.

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