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Portwell Inc, a leading supplier of Internet Security Appliance, debuted the Kilin-6030 and Kilin-6020, a new family of products based on the MIPS64 technology from Cavium. The Kilin-6030/6020 features Cavium Octeon-3800 family Network Services Processors and is designed to address wire speed performance in small packets required by those traditional security appliances, such as Firewall, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Anti-Virus, and Intrusion Prevention Systems since day one.
Unified Threat Management system has become a phenomenon of Internet security society. However, a high performance UTM system calls for remarkable processing capability as well as a lot of security features. Kilin family products own tremendous processing power, which is enabled by up to sixteen MIPS64 cores as well fully, optimized packet arbitration mechanism. Kilin family products are also equipped with TCP accelerator to boost packet-handling speed and hardware based security features to shorten required processing time. So that Kilin family products is a good answer to UTM system.
Triple play is a hot topic of today's Service providers. Due to its real-time processing capability and built-in security accelerators, Kilin family products are feasible to guarantee a secure and high quality voice connection required by Triple play system. Besides, because of its low power characteristics, Kilin family products can save significant operating cost of Service provider and can improve system reliability by using fewer moving parts.  

To adapt this new technology, Independent Software Vendors need time to migrate their existing computing centric architecture to network (or packet processing) centric architecture. Portwell has seamlessly embedded x86 module into Kilin platforms so the migration can be smooth. In addition, some written codes have been fully optimized based on x86 hardware. Embedded x86 module also offers customers the opportunity to enjoy the synergy of x86 and MIPS64 technologies. There is a SPI 4.2 interface Ethernet module which can dramatically shorten the development cycle of customized systems.