The Market’s First OCP NIC 3.0 “Bypass” Network Adapters & Appliances

Optimizing Network Continuity with Built-in Bypass and the OCP NIC 3.0 Impact, Efficiency, Scalability, Openness and Sustainability

Introducing the Portwell APTNC Series of Open Compute Project (OCP) NIC 3.0 Bypass Network Adapters and APTNS Series of Customizable Network Appliance Platforms, the first in market OCP NIC 3.0-based network interface card and appliance solutions with “bypass” function. Demonstrated at the 2023 OCP Global Summit Experience Center, these innovative and industry-leading network solutions are ideal for diverse applications in data center virtualization, enterprise server, NAT firewall, network router, IDS/IPS, UTM, VPN, SD-WAN, fog computing, and edge gateway.

                                             ✔ Open Compute Flexibility
                                             ✔ Server Class in Compact 1U
                                             ✔ Scalable Network Acceleration
                                             ✔ Optimized Network Uptime
                                             ✔ Easy Serviceability
APTNC - OCP NIC 3.0 Network Adapters

Featuring a convenient thumbscrew pull-tab design to simplify maintenance and upgrades, the APTNC series NICs are also designed on a compact form factor, and yet are configured with high port density to optimize connectivity options. In addition, the APTNC series helps ensure network connection and business continuity with its built-in network bypass function to optimize uptime, fail-safe network connectivity, as well as network security, resilience and threat prevention. 

The Portwell APTNC series encompasses APTNC-OX2R-BP which is compliant with OCP NIC 3.0 SFF (76 (W) x 115 (D) x 11.50 (H) mm); the ETSFF-form factor APTNC-OX4S-BP that is designed with extended depth and height upon OCP NIC 3.0 SFF; and the ESFF-form factor APTNC-O24R-BP, which is designed with extended depth upon OCP NIC 3.0 SFF. More specifically, the ETSFF and ESFF form factors, Portwell’s own innovative design, deliver more design application flexibility and higher port density in addition to the OCP NIC 3.0’s already high scalability and sustainability. 

Portwell OCP NIC 3.0 Network Adapter
with Bypass Function
  • An OCP Inspired™ product adheres to the OCP Tenets of Impact, Efficiency, Scale, Openness and Sustainability
  • Intel® Ethernet Controller X710-AT2
  • 2x 10GbE RJ45 ports
  • 1 pair of network bypass segment
  • 76 mm (W) x 115 mm (D) x 11.50 mm (H)
    *OCP NIC 3.0 SFF (Small Form Factor)
Portwell Network Adapter based on OCP NIC 3.0
with Bypass Function
  • Intel® Ethernet Controller XL710-BM1
  • 4x 10GbE SFP+ ports
  • 2 pairs of network bypass segments
  • 76 mm (W) x 166 mm (D) x 22.60 mm (H)
    *Portwell proprietary Extended Tall OCP NIC 3.0 SFF (ETSFF)
  • Available in two models: APTNC-OX4SS-BP (Short Range) and APTNC-OX4SL-BP (Long Range)
Portwell Network Adapter based on OCP NIC 3.0
with Bypass Function
  • Intel® Ethernet Controller I225-LM
  • 4x 2.5GbE RJ45 ports
  • 2 pairs of network bypass segments
  • 76 mm (W) x 166 mm (D) x 11.50 mm (H)
    *Portwell proprietary Extended OCP NIC 3.0 SFF (ESFF)
APTNS Series - Network Security Appliances

To accelerate time-to-deployment for the dynamic and ever-evolving network applications, Portwell has designed and developed the APTNS network security appliance series to effectively integrate with these APTNC series of OCP NIC 3.0 bypass network adapters, such as the Intel® Xeon® D-2700 processor-based APTNS-13181 to configure with three APTNC cards, and APTNS-13180, featuring Intel Xeon D-1700 processors, to configure with one and up to two (in development) APTNC cards.
1U Network Security Appliance with
up to 3x OCP NIC 3.0 Network Adapters
  • Intel® Xeon® D-2700 Series SoC, up to 20 cores
  • 4x 25GbE SFP28 (up to 100Gbps throughput), 1x GbE RJ45 MGMT via Intel I210, 1x GbE RJ45 IPMI BMC
  • Expansion: 3x OCP NIC 3.0 network adapters with bypass function available with the Portwell APTNC network adapter series
  • 2x 2.5” HDD/SSD,1x M.2 Key M 2280
  • 1x M.2 Key B 3042/3052 for cellular module, 1x M.2 Key E 2230 for WiFi module
  • Dimensions: 435mm (W) x 524mm (D) x 44.34mm (H)
1U Network Security Appliance with
up to 2-layer OCP NIC 3.0 Network Adapters
  • Intel® Xeon® D-1700 Series SoC, up to 10 cores
  • 6x 2.5GbE RJ45 with 2 pairs of bypass, 2x 10/25G SFP+/SFP28 (up to 50Gbps throughput)
  • Expansion:1x standard PCIe 4.0 x16 or 2x standard PCIe 4.0 x8, or 1x OCP NIC 3.0 (PCIe 4.0 x16) (*in development 2-layer OCP NIC 3.0)
  • 2x 2.5” HDD/SSD, 1x M.2 Key M 2280
  • 2x M.2 Key B 2242 for 4G/5G/LTE module
  • On-board TPM 2.0 for hardware-based security
  • Dimensions: 436mm (W) x 328mm (D) x 44.34mm (H)
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