Intel Atom UMPC compact mobile PC for handheld portable device, fanless compact size pc


  • Compact size with fan-less design
  • DC/DC and Battery charge/discharge ready
  • Based on Intel ECX Form Factor single board computer or smaller
  • BT, WiFi and SDIO sockets integrated
  • Solid State Disk(SSD) ready
  • Dual-display supported(VGA and LVDS)
  • Standard multimedia functions for audio and video
  • Open architecture for easy customization

The Intel®Atom™ Z510 based UMPC-2710 is a powerful, low power dainty system for multi-propose mobile device. It is positioned as a reliable,multimedia and always connects to internet portable/handheld system platform by multiple peripherals integrated. This mobile system can be used for compact mobile POS, Medical healthcare,mobile Kiosk, Entry-Gaming and Digital Signage.

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UMPC-2710Intel Atom Processor Z510 based handheld Device

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