Generation 2 Bypass features
* WDT arming (enabling), Expire-time setting and BPE (Bypass Enable) setting are programmable by software
Portwell Gen2 programmable bypass module, in practice, the programmable bypass mode allows network packets to flow in and out unattended when the appliance is shutting down. The programmable next boot-up status means that the Bypass or Open mode can be determined in advance before a system shut down. This means that the system can be predetermined to reboot to the preferred status and is immediately ready to serve. Bypass mode status can be changed instantly by software commands. Each Bypass segment has its own WatchDog Timer (WDT), therefore, Bypass behavior can be operate independently.


- Bypass/Open Mode selectable by power failure
- System is monitored by WDT and bypass can be triggered by s/w hang while WDT in armed
- Software programmable modes: Normal, Bypass and Open (non-bypass)
- Bypass-mode configurable by s/w for Next Boot