Gaming Computing Solution for Slot Machines and Multi-Players Application


Mini-ITX application story GAMING

Background Introduction

Portwell, as an innovative pioneer and experienced leading gaming solution provider, is dedicated to serve the needs in the rapidly expanding gaming market. For more than 20 years, Portwell strives to bring the latest technology to the gaming market with stable and powerful computing, rich multimedia, and high security products. Portwell has been always meeting and exceeding customers’ requirement in the fast-growing gaming market.

Portwell provides not only full range of IPC products (SBC, Backplane, Embedded Board, Redundant Power Supply, Chassis, and Heat Ventilation Accessories) but also gaming-specific ODM turnkey solutions (incl. BIOS & OS service), which help customers develop reliable gaming machines that are compliant with strict regulations and industry specific standards.

Project Requirements

This project required a customized motherboard instead of standard Mini-ITX form factor for matting connector on board. This motherboard should allow our customer to design the harness and be able to connect to their own proprietary power source and carrier board. Additionally, this customer required extreme computing, graphic performance and reliable security features. Moreover, this customer is requested to have the flexibility of upgrading to latest off-the-shelf graphic card by PCIE slot for pursuing excellent gaming content.

Project Implementation

In order to meet the specific requirements for this gaming customer, Portwell modified standard Mini-ITX product (WADE-8017) to be a fully customized solution (all-in-one gaming board) Portwell designed golden finger and implement latest Intel Gen 7th Kaby Lake platform for better longevity lifecycle with expandable PCIE slots for graphic upgrade option. This product provides excellent computing possibility based on Intel LGA 1151 based Gen 7th processor. The solution supports 28 DI/DO & 8 intrusion detection input for customer’s specific security demand. Furthermore, it supports 2M*2 battery backup SRAM, hardware triple backup and unique ID for critical memory protection which provides the excellent security mechanism for gaming industry. Portwell’s complete API and software package were also provided to save customer engineering effort and time to market.


(Portwell standard product: WADE-8017)

Portwell’s Value for Customer Benefits

1. Experienced and understanding the features of gaming market, Portwell guaranteed all our gaming devices are fair, secure and able to be audited and operated correctly. For this expectation, all products from firmware to hardware that will impact the credibility and integrity are designed in compliance with gaming regulation (Compliant with GLI/BMM).

2. Dedicated service team for gaming customer and provided completely customized solution to fit customer specific demand.

3. Customized BIOS and complete API package to reduce customer engineering effort and reduce the design LT and risk for faster time to market.

4. As an associate member of Intel IOT solution alliance, Portwell concentrates on providing stable and reliable industrial grade gaming solution for EGM/VLT customers.

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