Portwell's Solutions for Internet of Things (IoT)

Most pundits in the industry predicated that there will be more than 200 billion devices by 2020, connected to the Internet, or some would call the “cloud”. This is described as the era of Internet of Things (IoT). The IoT is a big collection of smart sensors, networks, servers, and services that interact among them. This trend applies to all sectors or markets, and it is a way to automate, control, and manage factory, home, transportation, energy, medical/healthcare facility, etc. All layers of networks, from applications, middleware, virtualization, connectivity, and devices, will contribute to realize the full power of IoT. For edge connectivity, the intelligent gateways play a major role in between the devices and the cloud in building the path for, collecting data from the devices for analysis, and forwarding the instructions from the upend servers to activate the devices.

Portwell's Solutions for Internet of Things (IoT)

To leverage the current internet infrastructure, an intelligent IoT gateway is developed for the purpose of connecting legacy and new equipment, from garage door opener, vending machine, cooling or heating devices to industrial robot and wind turbine, to get the data from them, and in return to control them intelligently based on the instructions or analytical results from the connected servers. Since most of the industrial automation devices are often designed in different protocols of interconnectivity. A versatile IoT gateway with various protocol supports is also used as the path between these automation devices and the cloud.

Portwell IoT Gateway Solutions

Portwell, a world-leading innovator in Industrial PC (IPC) and a Premier member of the Intel Internet of Things (IoT) Alliance, provides a series of the off-the-shelf Intelligent IoT Gateway solutions. Furthermore, to address customers’ needs in supporting various protocols to different sensors, actuators, and devices, Portwell offers design service, including but not limited to, adding I/Os for more connectivity, customizing the chassis, fine-tuning the power source. Also, Portwell has been taken full advantage of the Intel SoC (system on chip) processors to design compact and sleek intelligent gateway devices packed with great features, such as local data or decision processing, advanced data encryption, remote security management, and in-device analytics. And the Portwell IoT gateways support software in the OS environment of customers’ choice: Linux™, Microsoft® Windows® CE, and Windows.


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