NVIDIA® GPUs --- Leading the Next Era of Computing

NVIDIA GPUs use parallel processing to facilitate an interactive design process, complex real-time simulations and speed rendering of photorealistic images together in a cohesive and secure workflow. More specifically, while contemporary CPUs have anywhere from 2 to 22 cores, NVIDIA GPUs have anywhere from 640 to 5120 CUDA cores. The massive core count advantage allows GPUs to run vital tasks in parallel at far greater speed than any conceivable CPU can offer. With their large on-board GPU memory capacity and meticulously tested and optimized software drivers, NVIDIA GPUs are the engines that empower the world’s most sophisticated visual interactivity applications.

American Portwell Optimizes Server Solutions with NVIDIA® GPUs to Accelerate Your Applications

As AI is powering change in every industry across the globe, the NVIDIA accelerated computing technologies power AI, deep learning and data science to revolutionize analytics for all applications from facial/speech recognition, recommender systems, medical/healthcare imaging, supply chain management to smart manufacturing, smart buildings and smart cities. In response, American Portwell, an Elite level of Solution Integration Partner in the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN), has designed and developed NVIDIA-empowered GPU server series enabling industry-leading GPU-acceleration on every computing device from desktop to data center, and cloud, optimized with parallel computing power and high-performance computing operating at high speed.

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Advancing Visualization in Healthcare and Medical Equipment Powered by NVIDIA® GPU Professional Computing Platforms

NVIDIA’s visualization platform, powered by the NVIDIA RTX™ architecture, accelerates photorealistic 3D visualization in real time, as well as advances mixed-precision computing to expand the full range of workload across AI and high-performance computing (HPC). American Portwell’s medical GPU systems, with NVIDIA’s industry-specific, full-stack platform, fuels AI-powered healthcare and medical devices for applications ranging from healthcare/medical imaging, drug discovery, genome analysis to smart hospitals.

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Industry 4.0 with AI-Empowered Automation Solutions by Customized NVIDIA® GPU Servers

GPU-accelerated computing enables AI at industrial scope and scale for a diverse of robotics and manufacturing applications, leveraging the advantage of unprecedented amounts of sensor and operational data to optimize operations, enhance time-to-insight and reduce costs. American Portwell provides innovative design expertise and dedicated technical support enabling faster time-to-market for custom-design projects to deliver scalable GPGPU high-performance computing platforms for intelligent automation, smart manufacturing and ever-augmenting IIoT applications.

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