MicroSOM System-on-Module

MicroSOM, or Micro System on Module, is a family of modular embedded computing solutions designed to be extremely small and thin, with a size ranging from 25mm x 25mm to 30mm x 40mm, and 3.5mm in height. Equipped with ARM NXP® and ST® processors, MicroSOM products offer optimized computing performance with low-power operation, making them perfect for battery-powered or low-power devices. The Micro SOM family features a wide range of peripheral interfaces, including Ethernet, USB, and PCIe, as well as support for HDMI and LVDS displays. This flexibility and compact form factor enable developers to easily integrate the MicroSOM modules into a variety of embedded systems that require optimized performance, real-time capabilities, power efficiency, and especially for applications with space limitation, including industrial automation, medical devices, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

The modular design of separating the CPU-upgradable module from system specific I/O carrier boards safeguards development investments and lowers total cost of ownership. Additionally, Portwell offers carrier board design and development services, as well as schematic review and customization, to further support application-specific needs. Learn more about Portwell’s versatile and cost-effective MicroSOM solutions today.

MicroSOM System-on-Module


i.MX 6ULL based Micro SOM

MicroGEA STM32MP15 MicroGEA STM32MP15

ST® STM32MP157 based Micro SOM

MicroSOM Carrier Board & Starter Kit

MicroDev 3.0 Carrier Board MicroDev 3.0 Carrier Board

Carrier Board for MicroGEA modules

MicroDev Carrier Board MicroDev Carrier Board

Carrier Board with LVDS connector for MicroGEA modules

MicroGEA Capacitive StarterKit 7-Inch MicroGEA Capacitive StarterKit 7-Inch

MicroGEA Form Factor Evaluation Board with 7” Capacitive Touch Display

MicroDev 3.0 IoT Gateway MicroDev 3.0 IoT Gateway

New IoT Gateway based on MicroGEA modules with LTE

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