COM-HPC Computer-on-Module for High Performance Computing

Because computing—visible or ambient—is everywhere, operating 24x7 nowadays, embedded computing design faces ever-increasing challenges, including but not limited to, high-performance multi-core processing with AI capabilities, enhanced compute efficiency for real-time applications, and strict reliability support for critical environment deployments. To enable these more advanced embedded computing solutions, limitless scalability is also expected to be a must have.

As a result, the new COM-HPC (computer-on-module for high performance computing) specification emerged to complement the COM Express, extending the already highly scalable modular embedded computing design approach to facilitate a brand new portfolio of computer-on-module solutions that enable even greater upgradability and configurability with next-gen CPUs and high-speed I/O interfaces.

As a global leader in embedded computing solutions, adding to its ever-expanding modular computing solitons product family, Portwell has developed a complete portfolio of COM-HPC computer-on-modules, designed with high scalability and I/O capabilities, delivering superior computing performance and enhanced network throughput for an extensive array of applications in edge computing, 5G, IoT, AI, and many more.

COM-HPC Server Module

Provide superior computing performance and enhanced network throughput.


COM-HPC Server Type Size E module with Intel® Xeon® D-2700 series Processor (Ice Lake-D HCC)
(200 x 160 mm)

COM-HPC Client Module

Support comprehensive high-speed I/O interface.


10th Gen Intel® Core™/Xeon® W based COM-HPC® Client Type Size C Module
(160 x 120 mm)

PCOM-B8800 PCOM-B8800

Intel® Xeon® D-1700 Series Processors (Ice Lake-D LCC) based COM-HPC Client Type Size B Module
(120 x 120 mm)


13th/12th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors (formerly Raptor Lake-P/Alder Lake-P) based COM-HPC Client Type Size B Module
(120 x 120 mm)


11th Gen Intel® Core™ based COM-HPC® Client Type Size A Module
(95 x 120 mm)

COM-HPC Carrier Board


COM-HPC Server type Carrier Board (305 x 330 mm)


COM-HPC Evaluation Carrier Board for COM-HPC Client Module (305 x 244 mm)

PCOM-C8800 PCOM-C8800

COM-HPC Evaluation Carrier Board for COM-HPC Client Type Module (305 x 244 mm)

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
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