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As a global leader in embedded computing technologies, Portwell offers an extensive array of military-grade computing hardware solutions of computer on modules, embedded boards as well as customized systems. Partnering with Portwell to explore how our rugged, application-specific solutions are designed to accelerate time to deployment as well as optimize budgeting and TCO for mission-critical projects.

  • Wide-temperature, low-power embedded computing solutions for critical, military and outdoor environments.
  • Native wide-temp support built with wide-temp components.
  • High-quality embedded computing boards with thermal management, power efficiency and optimized performance.
  • Long hours’ reliability tests including engineering validation test and design validation test.
  • Vibration and shock tests, and dustproof and waterproof test.

What We Do


Vehicle Control

  • Vehicle-mounted navigation, command and control, and communications systems.
  • Police Vehicle PC in glove box.
  • Vehicle control application requirements: Compact size, power efficiency, supporting wide-temperature range for operations under extreme condition, multiple PoE ports for multiple tasks.
  • Portwell solutions for vehicle control applications: PCOM-B656VGL, PCOM-B641VG, PCOM-BA02GL, PQ7-M109, PQ7-M108, NANO-6063

Weapon Control

Military Communications

Military Surveillance

Why Choose Us

Portwell has established fully equipped labs in house offering extensive testing services to ensure quality of design and regulatory compliance, including thermal analysis, ingress protection, vibration test, highly accelerated life test (HALT), ESD, EMS, power integrity, on/off testing, EMI and signal integrity.

As a global leader in embedded computing technologies, and a long-time member of the Intel® Partner Alliance, Portwell has accumulated 30+ years of experience of designing and developing an extensive variety of board- and system-level solutions to meet the highly rugged and reliable requirements for diverse military, aerospace and government applications.

Portwell provides services at every level in realizing your design concept into product reality. Portwell provides complete services: engineering, product development, production planning, quality assurance, integration, and logistics management. Portwell offers one-stop services to help you shorten the time-to-deployment with high-quality and budget-optimization solutions.


Case Study

9/6/2018 Military/Aerospace

Wide Temperature COM Express Module (COMe) Enables Ruggedized Aeronautical Satellite Communication


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