AMD Products

American Portwell Technology offers a growing number of embedded product solutions designed with AMD microprocessors that boosts processing performance, power efficiency, and deliver excellent graphics. Products available are manufactured with AMD’s G, R, V, and Ryzen Embedded Series microprocessors. AMD provides a longevity commitment of up to 10 years for their embedded CPU’s and GPU’s. The AMD Ryzen Embedded R1000 Series delivers a new class of performance in a seamlessly integrated single-chip solution. The R1000 SoCs are platform compatible with the Ryzen Embedded V1000 Series and enable system designers to target efficient designs between 12W to 25W. The AMD Embedded V Series delivers exceptional graphics resolution, high performance processing, and low power for medical imaging, clinical diagnosis, and many other end applications.

Network Appliance

APTNS-35002 APTNS-35002

Desktop AMD Embedded G-Series SoC Network System, 8x Copper GbE, SATA, CF and Mini-PCIe

APTNS-35001 APTNS-35001

Desktop AMD Embedded G-Series SoC Network System, 4 Copper GbE, SATA, CF and Mini-PCIe

APTNS-35120 APTNS-35120

1U Rackmount Single AMD Naples EPYC™ 7000 Series Processor Network System, supports DDR4 up to 512GB

APTNS-35110 APTNS-35110

1U Rackmount Single AMD Ryzen™ PRO Series Processor and X470 FCH Network System, supports DDR4 up to 128GB

Medical Products

Portwell continues to expand the medical boards/modules, offering a growing selection of AMD microprocessor based medical board solution. Our solutions are manufactured with AMD’s G and Embedded V series microprocessors, boasting rich I/O through carrier boards such as Digital Display Interfaces (DisplayPort, HDMI), super-fast USB 3.0, and multiple GbE ports. With our expertise and flexibility in customization, our medical board solution can fit various medical applications.


AMD Embedded V-series based on Type VI Basic COM Express 2.0 module with dual channel DDR4 SO-DIMM slots, DDI Interface, Dual Gigabit Ethernet, PCIe, SATA and USB

Gaming Products

Portwell’s vast selection of gaming appliances are your ready to go solution, with full gaming features and functions, as well as being compliant with major market regulations, in addition to being hardware SAS 6.02 compliant. Our All-in-One series come with CPU offload gaming FPGA, GxG® API and software package, and flexible range of security specifications, such as NVRAM, Write protect BIOS, Event record PIC, Intrusion protection, and EEPROM for Hardware ID. Included with AMD’s platform design are more optimized graphics and easily upgradeable performance. Portwell’s GMO solution can also provide mixed media and touch sources from two different content, mixing output to one main display with “Picture in Picture” effect of up to 4K resolution @ 60 Hz.

PGS-6310S PGS-6310S

AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 SoC AIO Gaming Solution

PGS-5321 PGS-5321

AMD G-Series SoC AIO Gaming Solution

PGB-5326 PGB-5326

AMD G-Series SoC AIO Gaming Solution

GMI-5323 GMI-5323

AMD 2nd Gen G-Series / G-Series LX SoC Processor Based Mini-ITX Board with Gaming Security, Dual Independent Display (2x DP, 1x VGA) and DDR3/3L SO-DIMM

GMI-5340 GMI-5340

AMD G-Series J Family (Prairie Falcon) SoC Based Mini-ITX Board with Gaming Security, Dual independent Display and DDR4 SO-DIMM Slot

GMI-5341 GMI-5341

AMD G-Series JX Family (Prairie Falcon) SoC Processor Based Mini-ITX Board with Dual Independent Display (2x HDMI), DDR4 SO-DIMM, 8 USB and 8 COM Ports

GCM-B610-V GCM-B610-V

GCM-B610-V is designed with AMD R-Series SoC which offers higher computing power, enhanced graphic performance, and lower TDP with single chip solution.Supporting triple independent display and HD 10000 graphics engine, GCM-B610-V is a perfect solution f...

GCM-B630 620 GCM-B630 620

AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 / R1000, Type VI Basic COM Express Module with DDR4 SO-DIMM slot, Quad / Triple Display, H/W TPM 2.0 Module

GMO-1910 GMO-1910

Cost-effective OSD Hardware Solution for Player Service Window Function

GFS-1900 GFS-1900

Portwell's I/O Function System

PCS-8277 PCS-8277

AMD G-T56N Dual Core APU based Mobile Telematics Computer

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