AMD G-Series SoC AIO Gaming Board

*Status: EOL | Migration options: PGB-6311 series with AMD Ryzen™ Embedded V1000/R2000 SoC


  • Cost effective AIO gaming solution
  • AMD Steppe Eagle SoC Processor
  • Dual independent display by VGA
  • Specific for entry level street or arcade market
  • 72 Pin golden finger design

PGB-5326 is a cost-effective industrial gaming board specific for street and arcade market. It provides 20+72 pin golden finger, dual VGA display outputs and 15W + 15W Class D Amplifiers. PGB-5326 also supports gaming features such as "Non-Volatile RAM", "secured RTC", "Intrusion Detection" and optional "Hardware SAS" feature, which is compliant with GLI-11 regulation.

ProcessorAMD G-Series GX-212JC/ GX-424CC Steppe Eagle Processor
MemorySupport single channel DDR3/DDR3L 1866 SO-DIMM up to 8GB
Storage Devices2x SATA III
1x Micro SD socket
1x 64K Byte EEPROM
Graphic ControllerAMD RadeonTM HD8000 GPU
DirectX 11.1, OpenGL 4.2, OpenCL 1.2
AudioOn board stereo 15W + 15W Class D Amplifiers via golden finger
Ethernet1x GbE LAN
Serial Port1x RS-232/422/485 on rear I/O
2x RS-232 port on rear I/O
1x RS-232/ TTL on rear I/O
Switching 2x ccTalk Function or RS-232 TX/RX Function from Gold finger
USB4x USB 2.0 on rear I/O
2x USB 2.0 on board vertical connector
DimensionBoard: 180mm (L) x 215mm (W)
Power supplyTypical: +12V, +5V from golden finger
+12V, +5V connector on boar
Operating systemWindows 7, Windows10
Critical MemoryUltra fast PCI Express operation
1MB battery backup SRAM
Hardware Triple Data Backup
Dual battery backup to ensure data integrity
10 Years Battery life
Battery voltage monitoring & warning
DIDO28x ESD Protected Input
Individual interrupt, triggered by rising/falling edges or level changed
Programmable de-bounce supported
8x dip switch
26x 500mA open drain output; 60V
3x 3A open drain output; 30V
Door Sensor Detection5 door inputs
3 at golden finger
2 at on board connector
Operates with and without AC power
Logs of Date/Time stamped of 36 events
Battery voltage monitoring & warning
Programmable de-bounce time

Ordering Guide
AB6-3042Z(R).PGB-5326-212. AIO Gaming Board. GX-212JC. 25T FPGA. 512KB*2 Game SRAM. TPM Fitted. Fan-less.
AB6-3055Z(R).PGB-5326S-424. AIO Gaming Board. GX-424. 45T FPGA. 512KB*1 SAS SARAM. 512KB*2 Game SRAM. TPM Fitted.

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