Edge AI Solutions

Discover the next generation of industrial efficiency with Portwell’s Edge AI GPU computers. Our cutting-edge solutions are meticulously engineered to unlock the full potential of Edge AI, delivering optimized processing capabilities and data-driven intelligence directly at the edge. With a focus on transforming AI inference at the edge to provide actionable intelligence, Portwell's Edge AI IPC and embedded computing solutions provide real-time data processing essential for a range of applications from industrial automation to advanced healthcare systems and smart city infrastructure. Our modularized industrial and embedded computing systems ensure scalable, customizable flexibility to respond to the ever-evolving industry needs and requirements.

Our diverse lineup of Edge AI GPU computers spans from compact, lightweight systems ideal for space-constrained environments to robust, high-capacity units capable of processing extensive data analysis. Each system is crafted to offer energy efficiency, durability, performance-value balanced computing, catering to the rigorous demands of modern industrial applications at the edge and beyond.

Portwell, a global innovative leader in the embedded computing industry, collaborates closely with Intel and NVIDIA as strategic alliance partners. We empower customers in swiftly creating and implementing tailored AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) solutions. We’ve achieved this by harnessing the scalability of Intel and NVIDIA architectures and technologies, seamlessly integrated with the Portwell Edge Intelligent Suite. Our comprehensive range of Edge Computing and AI solutions fuels innovation across various sectors by streamlining intelligent, automated processes.

Ready to transform your business operations optimized with Edge AI potentials? Contact us to find out how our edge AI and GPU computing solutions can be integrated into your projects, or browse our extensive product offerings to find the perfect fit for your needs. Partner with Portwell to advance your technological prowess and pioneer the path in the realm of the intelligent industrial revolution.

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Inference at the Edge to Accelerate Actionable Intelligence

Intelligent Data Processing: Portwell’s Edge AI embedded computing systems utilize pre-trained deep learning models to swiftly and precisely process and extract valuable insights from new, raw data. This enables real-time decision-making in critical applications, ultimately enhancing operational efficiency.

AI Vision Solutions: Portwell offers a comprehensive suite of AI vision solutions tailored to meet specific customer needs, combining Portwell’s edge computing hardware with advanced vision algorithms to address unique challenges across various industries.

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Pre-trained AI Models to Optimize Deployment Timeline

Optimized Edge Computing for Machine Vision: By strategically deploying pre-trained neural network models on application-specific IPC/embedded computers, Portwell helps customers deliver AI solutions that are not only cost-effective but also highly efficient. In machine vision applications, for example, Portwell’s edge AI IPC/embedded computers enable data-drive intelligence right at the network edge to address critical aspects such as latency, bandwidth, accuracy, and storage.

Scalable Performance: Our expertise lies in providing specialized project support for the deployment of custom neural networks tailored to specific application requirements. This results in cost-effective system configurations that deliver enhanced reliability and responsiveness.

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AI + IoT Integration to Augment Future-Proof Innovations

Driving Future Technology: The convergence of AI technologies and IoT infrastructure ushers in a new era of AIoT, representing not just a trend but the trajectory of future technological progress. AIoT brings AI analytics to IoT endpoints, harnessing the power of faster analytics, more flexible automation, and greater scalability, to further open up new business opportunities, improve efficiency, and foster innovative business models.

Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvement: By integrating AI into IoT infrastructures, Portwell’s solutions help businesses streamline operations, minimize human errors, reduce overhead costs, and elevate data-driven decision-making.

What We Do


Smart Healthcare (IoMT)

Portwell's medical-grade computers, available in various form factors, including rackmount, desktop, or custom designs, meet the diverse requirements of medical OEMs. By incorporating GPU cards, these computers can further bolster advanced AI technologies in medical imaging applications, leading to enhanced precision and efficiency in diagnostic processes.

  • Custom Healthcare and Safety Solutions: We specialize in developing tailored solutions for health monitoring and diagnostics, thereby enhancing patient care through faster and more accurate real-time analytics.
  • Advanced Medical Imaging: Our medical-grade computers support cutting-edge image processing technologies for enhanced diagnostics utilizing ultrasound, CT scans, MRI, X-ray, and C-arm modalities.

Smart Factory / Manufacturing

Portwell's edge AI IPC/embedded computers enhance factory automation by facilitating precision tasks from fault detection in clean room suits to optimizing industrial robotics and processes. These systems support the development of intelligent inspection and robotics control, improving safety and operational efficiency.

  • Optimize Production Lines: Implementing real-time monitoring and control to reduce downtime and enhance production line efficiency.
  • Transform Factory Automation: Advancing factory operations with machine vision, automated optical inspection (AOI), robotics, and intelligent warehousing solutions to streamline operations and boost productivity.

Smart Transportation

Portwell’s edge AI solutions, powered by the Edge Intelligent Suite (EIS) middleware, provide specialized support to customers in developing intelligent traffic monitoring and autonomous vehicle solution that enhance transportation infrastructure management by enabling real-time data processing and near-instant operational responses.

  • Enhanced Traffic Management: Improving infrastructure management through real-time traffic monitoring and smart parking control solutions.
  • Autonomous Vehicle Navigation: Enhancing operational efficiency in autonomous vehicle navigation by leveraging real-time processing capabilities strengthened by autonomous driving innovations embodied with AI technologies.

Smart Energy

Portwell assists the energy sector by developing smart monitoring systems customized to individual use condition and requirements. These systems facilitate secure, safe, and efficient remote monitoring and management of energy resources, optimizing performance and sustainability across various energy platforms.

  • Smart Energy Monitoring: Enhancing remote management and monitoring capabilities within the energy sector, improving efficiency, reliability and sustainability. This empowers energy providers to better manage supply and demand dynamics, leading to more efficient resource allocation and reduced wastage.

Smart City

Customers and partners have utilized Portwell’s EIS+AI Edge IPC and embedded computing platforms to develop solutions tailored for public space management and urban infrastructure planning, enhancing the quality of urban living.

  • Enhanced Public Safety and Management: Creating public surveillance solutions and occupancy monitoring systems powered by AI advancements to enhance the safety and security of the public as well as operational and enforcement effectiveness.
  • Smart Urban Infrastructure: Our platforms support the development of intelligent infrastructure solutions that optimize traffic management, public transportation systems, and energy usage, contributing to more sustainable and efficient urban environments.

Smart Retail

Portwell's edge AI IPC/embedded systems power retail solutions that enhance the shopping experience through advanced computer vision and real-time data analytics. Utilizing object detection, biometrics, and personalized product recommendations, these systems facilitate seamless retail operations and personalized customer interactions.

  • Enhanced Shopping Experiences: Develop platforms that leverage instant data collection and analysis for dynamic retail environments.
  • Personalization for Better Customer and Business Outcomes: Leverage real-time data analysis to create personalized shopping experiences that engage customers, increase sales, and foster loyalty, enhancing overall consumer satisfaction.

Why Choose Us

  • Industry-Grade Standards & Approvals
  • Trusted Design & Manufacturing Services (DMS)
  • Diverse Product Portfolio in Various Form Factors plus Customization Flexibility
  • Commitment to Product Longevity and Environmental Sustainability
  • Accelerated Time-to-Market with Minimized TCO
  • Comprehensive Ecosystem Partnership to Ensure Optimal Supply Chain Stability
  • Professional Support Team Providing Expert Project Guidance and Technical Proficiency
Why Choose Us

Use Cases

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

Smart Transportation

Portwell’s robust and compact Edge AI solution enables efficient deployment of ALPR technology directly on edge devices. Collecting and analyzing data in real time, the implementation significantly reduces latency of the ALPR detection operations, as well as improves system responsiveness and accuracy within smart transportation networks. The capabilities to process data on the spot is crucial for adapting to the dynamic challenges of modern urban traffic management.

  • Portwell’s WEBS-85H1 with Hailo-8™ M.2 AI acceleration module for accurate image analysis in real time
  • Compact design with efficient thermal solution optimized for reliable operation in outdoor conditions
  • Improving overall detection latency, speeding up traffic management and safety responses
Customer Benefits
  • Enhanced traffic management with minimized latency and higher frame rates (frames per second, or FPS)
  • Enhanced accuracy, reliability, and scalability
  • Increased security and surveillance effectiveness
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Strong reputation for quality of product, design and manufacturing services with a commitment to long-term product lifespan support

Automated Defect Detection in Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing

By leveraging Portwell’s edge AI embedded computing system, manufacturers can significantly enhance their quality control processes. This system, equipped with automatic optical inspection technology, excels at identifying defects with high accuracy during component placement processes. Moreover, it can seamlessly integrate into existing manufacturing lines, optimizing quality assurance protocols and effectively minimizing production and product rejection errors.

  • Portwell’s PJAI-100-ON platform brings advanced image processing and machine learning capabilities directly to the manufacturing floor
  • Proven to reduced defects by 15% during the component placement phase, enhancing product quality and reducing waste without compromising production speed
Customer Benefits
  • High precision for enhanced product quality
  • Cost savings in materials and human errors
  • Increased production efficiency, minimized operation disruptions and downtime

Smart EHS (Environment, Health, Safety) Management

Smart Factory

Boost your factory’s safety protocols with Portwell’s Smart EHS Management System. Our state-of-the-art solution seamlessly integrates cutting-edge IoT and AI technologies to consistently and reliably monitor, analyze, and provide actionable intelligence to enhance workplace environment, health, and safety conditions. This results in creating and maintaining safe, efficient and compliant operations.

  • Portwell’s PEAI-9910 with NVIDIA GeForce® RTX™ 3060 GPU
  • Real-time monitoring, detection, and alerts for work hazards and unsafe behaviors
  • AI-driven predictive analytics for potential safety risks before they occur
  • Effectively monitor and manage adoption of EHS practices to ensure continuous compliance
Customer Benefits
  • Ensuring worker safety by leveraging AI-powered behavioral analytics
  • Simplifying compliance with EHS regulations
  • Enhancing factory management efficiency while minimizing costs

Robotic Weeder

Smart Agriculture

Robotic weeders, powered by AI and machine vision, play a crucial role in modern agriculture by identifying and selectively removing weeds from crop fields. These weeding robots help reduce the dependence on chemical herbicides, enhancing application precision and minimizing environmental impact. Portwell's solutions in this domain are designed to support the demanding conditions of agricultural environments, ensuring efficiency, precision, and reliability.

  • Portwell’s NURO-812E GPU Edge-AI embedded system with NVIDIA RTX™ A6000 GPU delivers high performance in a small system platform
  • Capability to integrate intelligent camera modules and sensors that can rapidly and accurately identify a large quantity of weeds within milliseconds
  • Customizable rugged design engineered to withstand harsh conditions, featuring an anti-shock, anti-vibration, and weatherproof enclosure
  • Optional customization to incorporate waterproof and dustproof I/O connectors to ensure reliable performance in dynamic weather and operating conditions
Customer Benefits
  • Substantially minimize dependence on chemical herbicides, resulting in environmental benefits, and potential long-term cost savings for sustainable farming operation
  • Precisely identify and target weeds, ensuring that the surrounding crops remain unharmed during the process
  • The integration of AI technologies and GPU workstations enables the robotic weeder to operate efficiently, covering more ground at a faster pace compared to manual weeding processes, resulting in reduced labor costs
  • Specialized custom design and manufacturing services that cater to precise agricultural requirements and needs
  • Product longevity support and future-proof product design, ensuring long-term benefits without the necessity for frequent upgrades or replacements

Robotic Spine Surgery

Smart Healthcare

Utilizing advanced AI and machine vision, robotic spine surgery aims to enhance the precision and effectiveness of spinal treatments. This technology leverages edge AI to optimize surgical procedures, ensuring targeted and minimally invasive interventions that significantly reduce recovery times and improve patient outcomes.

  • Portwell’s NURO-823E edge AI system equipped with an NVIDIA RTX™ A6000 GPU card provides robust computational power for AI algorithms and robotics control
  • Providing real-time data processing and complex modeling capabilities, which are essential for precise robotic movements during spine surgery
  • Delivering greater effectiveness on fine-tuning AI model by facilitating training with specialized datasets directly aligned with the specific requirements of spine surgery, as requested by the customer
  • Local data processing by edge computing safeguards sensitive patient information, enhancing privacy and security
  • High-speed processing of imaging and sensor data plays a crucial role in enabling real-time adjustments during surgical interventions
Customer Benefits
  • Achieves increased surgical accuracy by providing more precise outcomes in medical diagnostics and treatments compared to cloud-based AI systems, which utilize more generic data during their training
  • Enables enhanced diagnosis and decision-making through AI-driven analysis of medical imaging, facilitating early identification of subtle abnormalities and irregularities
  • Improves patient outcomes by enabling clinicians to make quicker and more informed decisions through real-time data analysis from medical devices
  • Operates effectively in healthcare settings with limited or no internet access, minimizing reliance on network connectivity and ensuring the delivery of medical services in remote or emergency situations
  • Reduces operational costs by decreasing dependence on cloud computing resources for data transfer and processing, thereby enhancing data security and privacy

Featured Products

Compact Edge AI Embedded System Powered By NVIDIA® Jetson™ SOMs

Compact Edge AI Embedded System Powered By Intel® Processors and AI Accelerator Modules


Fanless Compact Embedded System with Intel Atom® x6000E Series Processors and Hailo-8™ AI Module

  • Dual/Quad-core Intel Atom® x6000E Series SoC
  • Hailo-8™ AI module up to 26 TOPS
  • 1x 2.5” SSD/HDD, 1x mSATA, 1x Micro SD
  • Triple displays with VGA, DP and HDMI
  • 1x M.2 E Key and 1x full-size Mini-PCIe (optional from mSATA or Mini-PCIe by BIOS)
  • Wide operating temperature support with fanless design
  • Supports Wall mount and DIN Rail mount

High Performance Edge GPU System Powered By Intel® Processors and NVIDIA® RTX™ GPUs

AI Ecosystem


Latest GPU Computing from NVIDIA

Portwell’s Edge AI systems leverage the latest NVIDIA GPU cards and Jetson system-on-modules, providing solutions from power-efficient to high-throughput for diverse AI applications. We assure system compatibility and reliability with the off-the-shelf GPUs.


Elevating Hardware with AI Accelerators

Integrating Hailo and Kneron AI acceleration modules, Portwell’s embedded computing hardware platforms provide optimized functionality. Our solutions enable real-time, AI-powered processing, unlocking data analytics and autonomous decision-making essential for modern industrial applications right at the network edge.


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