Design and Manufacture Services for Next Generation Networking Communication Appliance

Author: Eason Lin

Industry Focus Network Communication Appliance

Trends in Next Generation Network Appliance

As the increased demand for network solution and services expands from traditional on-premise installation to cloud and mobile devices, it requires more bandwidth and lower latency in the hardware of network communication appliance. A design for future network infrastructure has to fulfill performance requirements while optimizing power consumption constraints. Given all the services these appliances cover—from radio site to the core of the network, from ambient to central enterprise—the demand of intelligent networking and security applications are also increasing dramatically. Because of that, comprehensive product development and sophisticated deployment to secure time to market will match the above trends accordingly.

The Challenges of Aggregated Hardware Design

An inclusive networking appliance features not only a computing or control unit, but also other units with networking functions such as router, gateway, and switch. Building an entire network system also requires intact expertise at other hardware components, otherwise, solution providers have to integrate different companies’ parts by themselves or seek out a third party to affect the final system integration. Therefore, when it comes to select a hardware supplier or partner, solution providers should consider the supplier’s experience in design and manufacture service, such as a rich product portfolio and know-how in a variety of applications, supply chain management, quality management system, and flexible capability in deployment service.

Portwell, Inc., can help to resolve these challenges and enable a product’s time to market. When we work with customers, we understand the requirement and define that requirement; its importance and priorities. Then we will apply design, development, sourcing, quality management and manufacturing processes to bring the product to mass production timely. Because we are a one-stop shop for our customers, they do not need to deal with various suppliers, but can focus on their value adders to the market.

Successful Story and Reliable Experience

Portwell’s network security appliance portfolio includes Intel®-based solutions such as Xeon®, Core™, Atom™, and more, including other non-Intel based solutions, available in several form factors such as desktop, rackmount, fanless, or even industrial-grade, ruggedized.

OpenBMC is designed as a complete open-source Linux distribution, with flexibility to be customized to support different SoC or boards. Compared with traditional BMC firmware, working with a leading software company that develops such technology. Portwell designed the hardware development kit with integration of Aspeed server management processor and dedicated to addressing all hardware issues. As a result, OpenBMC can be developed completely and validated on our development kit.

Another example is based on the Broadcom product, most of the business today use switches to connect networked devices such as computers, printers, and servers within a building or campus. When it comes to the wide range of IoT applications, there is more and more demand for higher ethernet speed. From 1/10Gb, 25Gb, 40Gb, to even 100Gb, Portwell has designed a solution based on Broadcom silicon in compliance with many network interfaces including SFP, SFP+, SFP28, QSFP+, and QSFP28. Coordinating with an Intel CPU module and Broadcom network silicon, we built a cell site gateway for our customers so they can continue to provide their end users with satisfied performance.

The Benefits of Working with Portwell

  • One-stop shop and professionalism in design phase. Customer does not have to source and evaluate each vendor one by one.
  • Trusted project management, quick response, reliable design review and testing, supply chain management, quality manufacturing process, flexible MOQ.
  • Deep knowledge about multiple vendor platforms such as Intel, Broadcom, Mellanox (NVidia), AMD, and many more.

  • To Satisfy Needs and be a Reliable Partner

    Many customers choose us because they know Portwell is a reliable partner for computer hardware solutions. We have experience in versatile hardware platforms and design from scratch, helping customers to create even more opportunity. By focusing on our customer’s desired business outcomes and keeping the customer at the center of project, it has been possible to address obstacles and difficulties in a timely and effective manner.

    This means that the application evolves rapidly, as does manufacturing. We combine innovative technologies and operational capabilities over a wide scale, transforming the way products are made. Portwell’s commitment is to make products with quality, so that our customers can focus on creating value to end-users and paint a better picture of next generation of communication appliances in this world.