Matrox Video Validates Portwell Rackmount Systems for Video Wall Use

Portwell's 4U rackmount systems with Matrox video wall technologies offer high-density capture, IP, output support, and critical thermal requirements for video walls in control rooms, digital signage, security surveillance, and more

Portwell Matrox

Portwell systems equipped with Matrox video wall technology offer OEMs and system integrators high-performance controller options for video wall installations in 24/7 environments.

FREMONT, CALIF. — December 2, 2020 — Matrox® Video is pleased to announce the successful validation of Portwell’s 4U rackmount systems with its entire range of D-Series graphics cards and Mura IPX capture and IP encode/decode boards. Featuring flexible multi-channel capture, IP, and output functionality, and enhanced thermal reliability on single-slot cards, Matrox-powered Portwell systems provide worldwide OEMs, system integrators, and AV installers with the ability to deploy high-performance systems equipped for demanding 24/7 video wall environments.

Performance and thermal reliability
Portwell’s chassis, motherboards, and systems have been validated with the complete portfolio of D-Series quad-4K graphics cards, Mura IPX capture and IP encode/decode boards, and Mura video wall drivers and libraries to ensure optimal video wall controller performance and control. Matrox cards offer high-density connections on the smallest available footprint, streamlining the integration process with minimal hardware components, cost, and maintenance. Matrox passive and active cooling cards also guarantee thermal reliability and ventilation characteristics, resulting in 24/7 reliability, high MTBF, and long product life cycles. Matrox libraries, meanwhile, allow for rapid customization of control interfaces and applications. This end-to-end verification and validation effort drastically reduce the development time spent on testing designs.

“Portwell is thrilled to be extending its long-standing partnership with Matrox Video, as we’re looking to expand our product offering and meet the growing demand for high-density video wall controllers backed by 24/7 reliability,” said Jack Lam, American Portwell’s senior product marketing director. “In collaboration with Matrox, we’re ensuring that we remove any of the potential complexity of designs with simple mix-and-match offerings that facilitate easy-to-build, easy-to-deploy video walls.”

“The validation step is an important part of the process that ensures the delivery and deployment of premium products, and we’re happy to take this journey alongside Portwell to bring ‘tested-quality’ to the market,” said Fadhl Al-Bayaty, business development manager at Matrox Video. “The integration of Matrox’s video wall portfolio in Portwell’s latest platforms means OEMs and system integrators can quickly and efficiently deploy video walls capable of managing multi-channel capture, streaming, recording, decoding, display, and more.”

Portwell video wall controllers
The Portwell M8030 system is an industrial 4U enclosure offering an 8-slot PCIe Gen 3 backplane, while the Portwell M9030 industrial 4U enclosure features a 10-slot PCIe Gen 2 backplane. Both systems come with a 950-watt redundant power supply. For more information on the technical specifications, please visit the Matrox validated platforms page.

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