Portwell’s Video Conferencing Platform Keeps Your Infrastructure Functioning in the Harshest/Most Challenging Environments

Author: Eason Lin

Stability in an Unstable World

Video conferencing provides a safe and secure alternative to public and/or private meetings in today’s unstable environment where more and more people are obliged to work remotely both locally and globally. When it comes to video conferencing, computer hardware continues to play a key role as it integrates the entire implementation of the installation and support provided by a service provider, especially in today’s uncertain conditions. Portwell offers solutions for video conferencing in hardware, integration, and deployment services, all of which address challenges in real business situations.

Figure 1: Video conferencing infrastructure and solution provided by Portwell.

The Challenges Facing Successful Implementation

In addition to the video conferencing used in home or office, such as Skype or Messenger Rooms, there is a requirement for video conferencing to be effective in unusual environments and locations, such as factory shop-floor, oil rigs, surgical rooms, avionic aircraft or energy control rooms. In these examples, and many more, it is vitally important to ensure everything works well during communication—no matter how severe the surroundings.

The requirement to function effectively in a tiny space is also critical since much of this equipment would be placed within limited room space, but still need to operate normally. Ideally, the hardware choice for video conferencing should not only be able to effectively accommodate both a wide range of temperatures, but also function just as well in places where spaces is at a premium.

How Portwell Faces These Challenges

Portwell offers computer hardware solutions that are customized with conformal coating, designed to be ruggedized and suitable for wide operating temperatures and small or tight spaces.

These solutions are based around the Computer-on-Module or COM Express paradigm, a module-based product Portwell has widely adopted because it can provide flexibility and upgradability, so that a customer can keep the currently-owned carrier board for convenience. Portwell’s COM Express module has four different sizes: Mini, Compact, Basic and Extended. Such flexibility can better serve the end application in different situations no matter where the customer wants to arrange its computing solution. Portwell’s COM Express module (PCOM-BA00) (See Figure 2) is used in many of the applications mentioned here and addresses challenges that cover extended temperature and high-density integration needs. Most importantly, Portwell can not only provide the hardware product, but also offer firmware support and service in BIOS and Embedded Controller in order to optimize the performance of the entire system and accelerate customer time-to-market deployment.

Figure 2: PCOM-BA00-- Intel Atom E3800 SoC based Type 10 COM Express Module.

A touch-monitor or touch-display can be installed in order to facilitate intuitive operation for the end user, and such a Human-Machine Interface (HMI) also needs to meet the environmental requirement. Portwell’s MD Series (See Figure 3) touch-monitor offers industrial-grade specifications. These HMI products are able to operate in harsh environments where traditional consumer-graded products cannot survive. Portwell’s industrial-grade display products include wide temperature flexibility and adjustability in brightness, size, mounting options, and I/O ports.

Figure 3: MD-Series touch monitors that offers industrial-grade specifications.

The Benefits of the Portwell Solution

  • Accumulated know-how: Successful application cases in video conference platform and its related control.
  • Enriched solution portfolio: Versatile product portfolio to enable customer make a new product quickly and with fast time to market.
  • Efficiency: Dedicated technical project management to support technical subjects from design to mass production.
  • Customization: Experienced engineering design and development capability to tailor to customer’s needs.

Responding to Market Needs

These are trying times and, when facing today’s unexpected challenges, one needs a reliable partner to address all of them. As an experienced industrial computer and embedded system provider, Portwell is dedicated to serving the needs of the network communication industry and helping our customers help their customers stay safe, secure and afloat. Traditional long timelines no longer exist; instead, fast implementation becomes necessary in this rapidly changing trend. With its combination of module-based COM Express products and MD series touch displays, Portwell does not just deal with technical difficulties, but also mitigates the burden from planning to execution. Working closely alongside our customers, Portwell aims to provide professional and speedy computer engineering services and create a long-lasting partnership.