High precision analog input terminal for USB2.0


  • You can use analog input (16bit, 8ch), digital input (LVTTL 4 points), digital output (LVTTL 4 points). As it is based on an USB2.0/USB1.1 standard, and high-speed transfer in HighSpeed(480Mbps) is possible. It can be used without connecting an outside power supply by USB bus power drive.
  • It synchronize to an outside signal, and a start and a stop of analog input are possible. It carries usable buffer memory (1k Word) as FIFO or an RING form.
  • All adjustment of analog input can be perform by software entirely. You can use it without doing troublesome jumper setting. In addition, It can memorize the adjustment information that is different from adjustment information at the time of factory shipment, so that you can have the adjustment information that according to use environment.
  • It adopts the screw type connector that wiring is easy.
  • It is correspondence in data logger software [C-LOGGER] that can doing graph indication of the collected signal data, a file save, dynamic transfer to spreadsheetware Excel.

It is an analog input terminal for USB2.0 that an analog measurement is possible by being connected to USB interface. You can use analog input (16bit, 8ch), digital input (LVTTL 4points), digital output (LVTTL 4 points) with this one product. Using attached data logger software [C-LOGGER], No-programing data collection is possible. In addition, The windows applications can be made such as by Visual Basic or Visual C++ if using an attached driver library.

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AI-1608AY-USBHigh precision analog input terminal for USB2.0

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