USB Multifunction DAQ Card Analog I/O Contec


  • Analog I/O can be implemented in a compact system. The series consists of two different models from which you can select the best model to suit your application. This product contains the analog input (12bit, 16ch), analog output (12bit, 2ch). This model includes bi-directional digital inputs / outputs (16points, TTL level) and a counter (32bit 1ch, TTL level). You can select the input/output by the application software in eight signals units.
  • Analog I/O can both be performed at fixed time intervals and synchronized with an external signal.
  • This product has analog input / output control signal, digital input signal and digital filter function to prevent it from chattering in counter input signal. (Excluding external clock input signal, counter gate signal)
  • The boards include buffer memory (1K Word each for analog input and output) which can be used in either FIFO or ring format. This allows analog I/O to be performed independently of the operating state of the PC or software.
  • Calibration of analog input/output can be all performed by software. Apart from the adjustment information prepared before shipment, additional adjustment information can be stored according to the use environment.
  • Compact design of 188.0(W) x 78.0(D) x 30.5(H) does not require special installation location.
  • Compatible to USB1.1/USB2.0 and capable to achieve high speed transfer at HighSpeed (480 Mbps).
  • Installation on the floor / wall /ceiling is possible by screw fastening, magnet, rubber feet, etc. In addition, DIN rail mounting mechanism is equipped as standard with the product, making it easy to install the product within the panel or the device.

This product is a USB2.0-compliant analog I/O unit that extends the analog I/O function of USB port of PCs. Compact design not restricting installation location (188.0(W) x 78.0(D) x 30.5(H)) makes it easy to install the product within the panel or device using DIN rail mounting jigs, or on the floor or wall. Windows driver library is supplied. Possible to be used as a data recording device for LabVIEW, with dedicated libraries.

Ordering Guide
AIO-121602LN-USBN Series for USB Multifunction DAQ Unit (16ch AI, 2ch AO, 16ch DIO)

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