Non-isolated RS-232C 2ch Serial I/O board for PCI


  • 2ch serial ports of RS-232C conformity is equipped. Setting a baudrate to 15 - 230,400bps is possible.
  • It attaches a usable driver library same as a COM port of PC main body in Windows. It supports Win32 API communication function by OS standard and MSComm of Visual Basic.
  • One PC can implement a board to 16 pieces at the maximum. By device manager, Setting it to COM1 - COM256 is possible.
  • It put a buffer memory of 64byte for exclusive use of the transmission, and for exclusive use of the reception on each channel.
  • As optionally, It prepares straight cable(1.8m), cross cable (1.8m), and 9 pin D-SUB connectors for my own cables(A male type or a female type).

This product is a PCI board expanding a serial communication function of RS-232C conformity to a PC. It carries a RS-232C communication port of 2ch.

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COM-2CL-PCINon-isolated RS-232C 2ch Serial I/O board for PCI

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