120W DC/DC 12V input / ATX output, Board Type Converter


  • 12V DC/input, plug into the ATX connector with board output
  • Compact and user-friendly design for installation and maintenance
  • Fan-less design for mission-critical application
  • Small size for 1U or higher system to save space
  • -40°C to 75°C wide temperature support

GGADIWA-B1120 is a DC to DC 12V input board type converter. It normally support continuous 120 Watts and peak 160 Watts.

GADIWA-B1120 can save more space, less than 1U width, and cost. It’s not only capability for fan-less system but also suitability for different applications. Besides, the converter is made and tested by automatic production line; therefore, it can provide high quality and better performance.

Ordering Guide
APZ-3028 GADIWA-B1120, 120W DC/DC 12V/input.ATX/output.Wide Temperature.Board Type Converter
APZ-3032 GADIWA-B1120-BP, 120W DC/DC 12V/input.ATX/output.Wide Temperature.Board Type Converter, bulk packing

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