4K@60Hz OSD Hardware Solution


  • Integrate video, touch ,and audio
  • Smooth scaling for dynamic content
  • Support 4K@60Hz solution
  • Friendly utility tool
  • API support Linux/Windows

GMO-1960 stands for Gaming Mixer Output which supports HDMI 2.0 up to 4K@60Hz leading in gaming industry. Portwell's GMO product can integrate video, audio and touch together to achieve advanced player tracking experience by utilizing the original display on slot machines. GMO-1960 also supports automatically upscale to 4K which satisfies global gaming industry trend. Remote cable connection status, drag and play on picture-in-picture mode, and real-time resolution shown on screen are the features within this product.

Ordering Guide
GMO-1960 Gaming Mix Output System. Video/Audio/Touch mixer.

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