IEEE-488.2 GPIB Interface Board for PCI


  • Since it is based on IEEE-488.2 standard, the various external equipments defined by this standard are controllable.
  • The timer ability which can be used with application is carried and exact time surveillance can be performed also in use in the Windows environment.
  • Since the GPIB controller compatible with ?gPD7210 developed in CONTEC is used, stable supply is possible over a long period of time. All setup of GPIB each function can be performed by software. The line read-out function of IFC and SRQ can perform each processing from application (with a latch function of IFC ).
  • This product does not support Windows 64bit version.

This board is an interface board of the PCI bus conformity which controls external equipment with a GPIB interface. It is used mounting in the PCI bus expansion slot of the main part of a personal computer. Windows version GPIB communication, LabVIEW correspondence GPIB communication driver (API-PAC(W32)) appending.

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GP-IB-PCI-LIEEE-488.2 GPIB Interface Board for PCI

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