Sixteen Channel, 12-Bit Analog Input Card


  • 500kHz sampling rate
  • 16 single-ended or 8 differential inputs, unipolar or bipolar
  • Auto calibration and oversampling for accurate data
  • Unique channel-by-channel programmable gain feature
  • 1024 sample data FIFO for A/D (optional up to 64k samples)
  • Two 12-bit D/A outputs and 16 digital I/O lines
  • Software selectable synchronous, asynchronous and timed trigger modes
  • 11 software/hardware selectable ranges of:0-10V, 0-5V, offset voltage ranges of +1.25V to +3.75V and 1.25V to 6.25V, and ??10V, ??5V, ??2.5V, and ??1.25V
  • Meets Universal PCI and MD2 Low Profile PCI Bus Specification

12-bit Multifunction A/D 100Khz card. It accepts up to 16 single-ended inputs or eight differential inputs, eight programmable voltage ranges plus 4-20mA inputs. Additional I/O includes two 12-bit D/A, 24 Digital I/O, on-board Pacer clock and counter timers.

Ordering Guide
PCI-A12-16AMultifunction, high-speed, analog-to-digital converter board for use in PCI-Bus computers

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