Sixteen Channel, 12-Bit Analog Input Card


  • 16 Single-Ended / 8 Differential Analog Inputs
  • 12-Bit Resolution, 100kHz A/D Converter
  • Eight Programmable Voltage Ranges (Unipolar & Bipolar) and 4-20mA Current Range
  • On-board Pacer Clock and Counter Timers
  • Universal PCI, PCI-X, 3.3V and 5V compatible
  • Number of Analog Inputs Can Be Expanded up to 256 by use of our External Signal Conditioners/Sub-Multiplexers
  • Software Drivers Included for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP, and LabVIEW under Windows 95/98/NT

Low cost 12-bit 100KHz, A/D multifunction board for use in PCI-Bus computers with 3.3/5V PCI slots. It accepts up to 16 single-ended or eight differential inputs with eight programmable ranges (Unipolar & Bipolar) and 4-20mA current range.

Ordering Guide
PCI-AI12-16Multifunction, high-speed, analog-to-digital converter board for use in PCI-Bus computers

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