USB Digital Counter/Timer Module


  • Remote Intelligent Digital Input
  • Opto-Isolated RS-485 Serial Interface to Host Computer
  • 54 Digital Inputs
  • Digital Input Voltages up to 50V
  • NEMA4 Enclosure for Harsh Atmospheric or Marine Environments
  • Type 8031 Microcontroller with 8K RAM and 8K EEPROM. (32K X 8 optional)
  • All Programming in Software, No Switches or Jumpers to Set
  • 8-Bit Digital Input Software Counters
  • Change-of-State Flag Readable via the Serial Port

Remote rugged 54-bit digital inputs from USB in a NEMA 4 enclosure for harsh environments. Digital voltage inputs up to 50V per channel can be monitored.

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U-RDI-54REMOTE ACCES 54-Bit Digital Input Pod

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