16 single ended analog outputs with 2 analog inputs digital to analog converters


  • High-speed USB 2.0 device, USB 1.1 compatible
  • Small, portable 16-channel, 16-bit resolution digital to analog converter (DAC) outputs
  • Jumper selectable analog output ranges of 0-10V and +/-5V (contact factory for additional available ranges)
  • Zero and span software calibration for each DAC
  • Analog outputs on female 37-pin D type connector
  • Analog inputs 2-channel 16-bit resolution 0-5V
  • 16 digital I/O lines (DIO) on male 37-pin D connector
  • Digital I/O buffers tri-stated under program control
  • All 16 I/O lines pulled up for dry contact monitoring, buffered for 10mA source or 24mA sink capabilities
  • Resettable 0.5A fused +5V available to the user
  • Rugged steel powder coated enclosure
  • Includes 115VAC to +12V regulated external power supply adaptor

USB 2.0 16-chl 16-bit analog outputs with 2 analog inputs digital to analog converter DAC outputs

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USB-AO16-16AUSB 2.0 16-Channel, 16-Bit Analog Output with 2 analog nputs Board

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