RMA Policy

American Portwell Product Limited Warranty
1. Product Limited Warranty
American Portwell Technology Inc. products are covered by two-year manufacturer warranty for IPC products and one-year manufacturer warranty for integrated platforms from the date of delivery to the original purchaser.
[*] Non-Portwell manufactured components are covered by the respective manufacturer’s warranties. Any products that are found to be defective within this warranty period will, at the option of APT, to be replaced or repaired.
During the warranty period, APT will repair, replace or credit all defective products, provided that they are returned to APT. APT has sole discretion to determine whether a particular product will be either repaired, replaced or credit.
Warranty only applies to defects in materials and/or workmanship, which occur during normal wear and proper use.
Warranty does not apply to those products that are damaged due to misuse, abuse, negligence, alteration or modification.
Warranty does not extend to any damage that occurs in shipment or due to natural phenomenon (e.g. lightning).
Warranty will be voided if the original serial number on the product is removed by accident or intentionally.
We will repair our products that are out-of-warranty provided such repair is economically feasible. Products damaged to the extent that repairs would not bring them up to minimum quality standards are not economically feasible.
Extended Warranty Services can be provided for up to an additional 3 years at Sales discretion. This is the same high level of warranty service program provided by APT within two-year limited warranty given at the time of purchase.
2. Product Maintenance
Diagnostic – Any product evaluated for repair is still subject for diagnostic charge even if the customer chooses not to proceed with the repair. If any products determined by APT to be No-Problem-Found (NPF), damaged while in transit or due to improper use or installation, then customer will be notified of repair service or NPF charge by email.
All non-warranty repairs are subject to a service charge.
If there is a need to replace parts or components (ex. CPU, memory, HDD…etc.) for the repair, American Portwell will quotes to the customer the cost of the repair, plus the cost of parts/components for approval. The customer must provide a copy of PO if they agree to the costs and to proceed for the repair.
Rework or Refurbish – Rework on motherboard such as revision change, BIOS update, and other IPC board and CA system rework related are subject to service charge. Any additional materials will be quoted separately after complete evaluation of the products. The customer must provide a copy of PO if they agree to the costs and to proceed for the rework or refurbish.
All repaired work, performed on out-of-warranty products, will be warranted for 90 days from the date the repaired product was shipped back to the customer. In the event that the same product is returned for the same failure within the 90 days warranty period, American Portwell will provide the repair free of charge. However, additional material charges may apply unless the parts used to affect the repair are again deemed defective. If any issue(s) unrelated to past repair or any issues that are not directly related to a repair performed by APT are discovered, these will be considered new issues and standard repair rates will apply.
3. Return Process

In order to obtain service on your equipment, an RMA number must be obtained from APT. All equipment returned to APT must have a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number assigned exclusively by APT. APT cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused to the equipment received. Any missing information on the request form may result in delay or rejection of the RMA request.

To request a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number:

Please be prepared to supply the unit serial number and reason for return.
Apply RMA number online at our website, https://portwell.com/rma.php. If any difficulty, please email our team at rma@portwell.com or contact our RMA department at 510-403-3321.
After obtaining RMA number, you will need to send the package to APT, shipping prepaid and insured.
The RMA number must be marked on the shipping box.
The RMA products must be properly packaged in accordance with the ESD guidelines (ESD Norm IEC / TS61340-5-1 Electrostatics). Assemblies that are not delivered to APT in ESD-compliant packaging must be written off as total failures in accordance with APT’s quality guidelines, as any damage caused cannot be determined. Therefore, all improper packaged assemblies will be returned at customer expense.
4. Shipping Cost
For regular shipment, the customer is responsible for shipping costs. For RMA, the customer pays for all incoming shipment costs, and Portwell pays the outbound shipping costs back to customer by Ground.
All replacement/repaired products are shipped UPS Ground or equivalent method. If a rush shipment is requested, the cost of shipment upgrade must be paid by the customer or by using customer’s freight account number.
Customers will be liable for loss or damage caused by their shipping carrier. If without special instruction in advance, Portwell will ship the parts with insurance when using customer’s carrier account.
No package will be accepted if it is shipped “COD” or “Freight Collect”.
All shipping and handling costs are the responsibility of the customer for non-warranty repairs.
Overseas customers, covers all the cost of incoming freight and insurance including custom brokers fees to APT.
The commercial invoice should clearly indicates:
a) “No commercial value” for RMA Custom purpose.
b) American Goods Returned to the US.
5. DOA
DOA (defect on arrival) product must be sent back within 30 days of receipt along with its original contents, packaging materials and a valid RMA number. A RMA number must be obtained before any credit return.
Items returned must be received by APT in new condition and in their original package including all accessories.
Products which are incomplete or show signs of abuse or misuse will not be accepted or credited.
Products with old revision will not be accepted for return or exchange after 30-day.
6. Contact and Delivery Address

American Portwell Technology
44300 Christy St.
Fremont, CA 94538
Attn: RMA number
Phone: 510-403-3399 Extension 3321
Email: rma@portwell.com