Airport managements all over the world are increasingly adopting digital systems. In the recent past, it was primarily the customs enforcement officers responsible for inspecting travelers arriving in or departing from the country to ensure border safety. However, with rising labor costs, the automated border control system has emerged as an effective alternative. At customs checkpoints, the automated gate control system (eGate) identifies travelers’ biometric features. If no issue are detected, the system activates to open the gate, allowing the travelers to pass through quickly and safely. And when the COVID-19 pandemic started, additional measurements needed to be included at the inspection checkpoint, we then scaled up the solution to integrate body temperature monitoring system that enables automatic detection and alert of any person having an abnormal body temperature. And if such alert is activated, the gate or the access control can react according to the pre-programmed procedures and actions.

Working dedicatedly with our customers, we’ve designed the automated border control system (eGate) to fully integrate their needs and requirements, and delivered with smart effectiveness and upgradability.


Diversely Smart Device Control

The eGate has to control multiple devices including RFID, biometric module, infrared detector, display and a physical barrier such as a gate. And for the eGate solution to also integrate a temperature monitoring system, most of these can be controlled by the COM port interfaces, ideal solution for such use cases with space constraints.

Efficient Verification and Validation

The eGate system, designed by Portwell, enables travelers to pass through customs quickly without the need for a customs officer. The system is equipped with a high-performance processor to integrate the customer’s application software that when a traveler goes through the eGate system, it will scan for biometrics features and compare with stored digital data, with the whole process to finish within limited time. In the event of detecting any suspected behavior or activity, the system will automatically activate the alarm and react with pre-programmed procedures and actions to ensure safety. This design ensures an efficient yet secure customs entry process.

Flexible Processor Options

The automated border control system features a socket type processor configuration for enhanced design flexibility. This allows customers to swiftly change to a different CPU if performance issue occurs during testing. Moreover, looking towards future advancements, we’ve also implemented a convenient swappable CPU design. This ensures that if customers encounter performance challenges while upgrading the software, they can effectively upgrade the processor, thereby maintaining system efficiency and extending the system’s lifespan.