When a railway accident unfortunately happens, a locomotive event recorder often serves to provide critical data leading to the discovery of probable causes, as well as then to assist the investigators to reach insightful conclusions and recommendations from analyzing the data recorded within.

In the development of railway systems, we incorporate the CHMM (Crash-Hardened Memory Module) into the system with high-speed I/O interfaces to manage all information concurrently to ensure that all critical information can transmit into the data recorder in a correct sequence with no latency and no data loss. Moreover, the operating temperature is another critical safety aspect that has to follow the locomotive system requirements. We fulfilled the use case’s requirements delivering a locomotive event recorder system with consistent power and robust connection.


Consistent Power Input

Portwell’s embedded computing solutions for locomotive event recorder systems are designed with 72V-110V power input range. The power management is designed to compliant with the EN 50155 railway regulations, and also we are very selective of the controlled materials starting from the design stage.

Safe and Steady Connection

To ensure safe and efficient data transmission to the CHMM (Crash-Hardened Memory Module), we integrate industrial-grade M12 connectors to strengthen robust connectivity.

Easy Access

We design product with stainless handles for easy access and system maintenance.