High-performance high-speed GPIB communication board for Low Profile PCI


  • Communication is possible at machinery and a transfer speed of greatest 1.5Mbyte/sec to have communication interface of 488.2 IEEE - standard conformity.
  • It can forward large-capacity data between a PC and boards without hanging load to CPU by Bus master data transfer.
  • It carries FIFO of each 2Kbyte for a down-link / the reception and can communicate fast without affecting quantity of data.
  • It is equipped with a GPIB bus analyzer function., and it can do GPIB of bus line signal analysis while communicating.
  • It has a highly precise application timer built-in, and can perform monitor in Windows environment in correct time.

This product is an interface board of PCI bus conformity equipped with Bus master transfer function in accordance with IEEE - 488.1 and IEEE - 488.2. It can perform communication control of various machinery having GPIB interface with a PC and data analysis of GPIB bus line. Driver (API-PAC(W32)) for Windows version, LabVIEW Attachment. A collection of ActiveX components for measurement system development sold separately[ACX-PAC(W32)] ,It can more easily develop a higher-performance application in a short term by using

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GP-IB-LPCI-FHigh-performance high-speed GPIB communication board for Low Profile PCI

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