NXP i.MX8M Mini Player Tracking System with 5” & 6.2” Touch Panel for Casino Gaming


  • NXP i.MX8M Mini player tracking system
  • Optional touch display: 5” & 6.2”
  • Up to 128GB eMMC on board
  • Support 2x LAN, 2x USB, 2x COM
  • 10-year longevity support

PTS-3750 is optional with two screen sizes, 5” and 6.2”. 5’’ with 800 x 480 capacitive touch displays and 6.2" with a 640 x 240 resistive touch display. PTS-3750 is based on i.MX8 processor, powerful but cost-effective. With the most compact design, it can be fitted in different EGM bezel areas easily without mechanical changes. To enhance from the last generation, 2GB DDR4, up to 128GB eMMC are added onboard and an extra Micro SD socket. On the security side, PTS-3750 has a Unique ID, Door Sensor Detection, 2 Battery Backup for PIC, Core (RTC), and Battery low detect. Aside from the hardware, Portwell also provides the complete BSP package for PTS. It helps to minimize the development effort and optimize time to market. Assume PTS-3750 doesn’t 100% fit your requirement we can base on your requirement to modify or even customize a new product to meet your demand.

Ordering Guide
AS8-3067(R).PTS-3750-5.iMX8M Mini. w/5″, 2xUSB, 2xGbE, 2xCOM, up to 128GB eMMC, Intrusion detect, 12V DC-IN
AS8-3066(R).PTS-3750-6.iMX8M Mini. w/6.2”, 2xUSB, 2xGbE, 2xCOM, up to 128GB eMMC, Intrusion detect, 12V DC-IN

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