PCIe Extension Cards for PCOM-C7000


  • PCOM-C7000-P1: 2x PCIe Gen4 x8 extension card works with PCOM-C7000
  • PCOM-C7000-P2: 4x PCIe Gen4 x4 extension card works with PCOM-C7000
  • Support 5V/12V Connector for additional power need

Portwell PCOM-C7000-P1 and PCOM-C7000-P2 are designed to work with PCOM-C7000 carrier board to provide flexibility and expandability. With PCOM-C7000-P1, you can have 2x PCIe Gen4 x8 while with PCOM-C7000-P2, you can have 4x PCIe Gen4 x4. Portwell is able to provide carrier board design guide for customer to design their carrier board as a reference. This can shorten customer's carrier board developing time and make the development quick and easy. The PCOM-C7000 provides COM Express Type VII support in addition to fulfill wide range of device connectivity for prototype and flexibility.



PCI ExpressPCOM-C7000-P1: 2x PCIe Gen 4 x8
PCOM-C7000-P2: 4x PCIe Gen 4 x4
Power5V / 12V Connector
DimensionPCOM-C7000-P1: 170 x 85.05 x 1.6 mm
PCOM-C7000-P2: 180 x 85.05 x 1.6 mm
-40°C to 85°C
Operating Temperature-40°C to 85°C
CertificationContact us

Ordering Guide
14-897A00-Z002PCOM-C7000.TYPE VII. COM Express Carrier Board
14-897AP1-Z002PCOM-C7000-P1. 2x PCIe Gen 4 x8 extension card
14-897AP2-Z002PCOM-C7000-P2. 4x PCIe Gen 4 x4 extension card

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